Saturday, December 22, 2007

Daring To Be Stupid....One Day at a Time

I am aware that as each day passes I am haunted by the rewalization I work in a health food store, only to get off work to eat fried foods, and go home tired and uninspired. Finally, I have seen the wonderful resource that is here in our Orchard Nutrition Center. I have read many of the articles we have on the subject of health, and I have decided it is time to take action.

With weach moment of calculation I get to see why, with all the analysis I have read, I see why we eventually need to stop analyzing. Studies only beget more studies. I have seen the man that serched for the last turtle upon which our precious planet rests. I have also seen how many people waste countless hours studying contradictions from equally reputable researchers. My life is worth more than that.

So, as the day progresses, I place in this thought a commitment. I am committed to living up to the potential God has given me. My health is already improving. I am faced with a dragging leg, but aside, I am, now biking more'n I had in a long time.

So, yesterday, I bought a bag of lentils, a bag of lecithin, some antioxident complex, and vitamin C. God knbows the value of vitamin C, but just in honor of Linus Pauling, I will give it a shot. I am in a realm that moves on with varying degrees of anecdotal evidence, and every man is an expert. Knowing the values- some reputed, and some documented- of vitamins, minerals, teas, and herbal cures, is a challenge. But with research, and a faithful heart, I am able to trudge forward in this exciting world.

I beg of anyone that reads, anyone that supports.... lend your heart, lend your encouragement. It is in this way we all grow. Encouragement comes from the french word couer (heart). So, when I encourage anyone I am giving heart. Likewise, if I discourage anyone, I am taking it away.

As a part of my personal renewal, though, I am offering my own exercise program. Being Catholic, I am doing a series of stomach exercises, packaged soon on my own video collection, called the Ab-Solution. Abdominal work my be my most daunting, most exciting effort to date. One step at a time..

I thank you for reading.


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Annie said...

Ab-solution? Love it. Thanks for the origin of encouragement. Very good to know that one of the things on my list this year comes from the heart.