Friday, December 28, 2007

Looking to the Future

I am excited about my results from this first week of my new supplementation regimen. With some newly acquired ideas about health, I am pursuing my eating and living style with more consciousness. I am thrilled with the immediate, short-term benefits of the changes I have made.

In the months past, I have seen many health problems that were challenging my relatives. I have seen how I am living, and know I cannot afford to move forward in this fashion anymore. It is dangerous for me to assume that I know what differences in my life are relevant, and which are not. I am not here to pretend that I know enough about my life, and the lives of my family to say that as problems emerge in my cousins, aunts, uncles or parents in their seventies would mean that I have any guarantee of another forty years without problems.

I know my world is vastly more different than the world in which my aunts and uncles were raised. I have read that I have more chemicals in my body that were not part of the lives of those a generation ago. Each person I think of , facing heart problems, diabetes, or cancer have helped me to see how my life choices could no longer be based on the ideas of a decade agoi, when I was in my twenties, my body still running off this elevated metabolism, and the signs of wear on my body tissues virtually nonexistent.

When I crossed the road in 1994, on my bike, only to have a Bronco 2 crash into me, and left me on crutches -with a virtually indiscernible tibial plateau fracture- the one question the doctors in charge of my rehabilitation asked was “how old are you?”

With intimate knowledge of growth patterns, bone growth, and development patterns, the doctors determined that I was barely young enough to work a surgery on my leg that has helped keep me walking fine for the past twelve years. I have encountered other neurological problems that have interfered with my walking, but, to the credit of my bone doctors, I still have great knees.

In the week past, I have seen my energy levels increase, as well as a marked drop in my sleep time. I awake bright and early, refreshed, and ready to face the day.

I knew the lie I live under would come to the forefront, as I consume cheeseburgers, knowing in my heart that I would need no more cholesterol to embolden my neurological health. Let me explain further. Cholesterol comes to a head in one’s life when you realize that like everything in our lives there is a positive application for it. Cholesterol is a key ingredient in the development of neurological maintenance. Myelin, the sheath that protects my every neuron, is built out of one ingredient found in cheeseburgers, and produced amply by most people’s livers, cholesterol.

In my daily maintenance, I am now claiming my accountability for my own health. Lecithin is a wonderful part of my regimen … Aside from being the emulsifier that makes Hollandaise sauce so delightful, it also has the side effect of clearing out the arteries of many folk, and also is produced in people’s bodies when they consume fatty foods.

So, with my lecithin, my vitamin C, my bottle of phospholipids (brain health), and my antioxidant complex, I am enjoying the start of a new health.

Thank you for reading.


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