Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January 23, 2008, another day of wonder

My world is unfolding in many wonderful ways. I am sitting here in Bad Ass Coffee Company, looking at how opportunities have fallen in my lap for growth, for change, for excitement. I have little to share on specifiocs. I do not count chickens before they hatch, but I will share a little with you.

I have seen family and frienbds down in San Jose. Unlike past visits, I felt a draw, a connection, a hunger for the connection with people I have known many years.

I got to eat good food, and spend hours in the presence of truly beautiful people. I have been low in spirits in past weeks. I had to vist the doctor, had to look at my dwindling income, where I spent a day's income on a day when I was not working. How does one turn this around?

Some of the people more critical of my writing (going back many years) would ask me, "turn what around?" I would have to say tjhat I have had momentsd of pure desolation, and still I keep moving along. I have learned how to adjust the settings on my web cam (see my beautiful countenance?) and am ruminating over business offerings from friends in San Jose.

I have said in the past. I will say again, God is Good, All the time.

Fortune is a thing I celebrate. I have been encourfaged to open my heart to God's abundance, claim His goodness in my life , so each day, I make some change to show my love and respect for myself, and I leave all else up to God.

I hope you can celebrate your life as well as I celebrate mine. It just seems to get better every day.


Rodney Olsen said...

Keep on celebrating life Keith.

It's always good to read your posts.

kazumi said...

Amen to that. There are just a few people who look in the brighter side of life. God bless and keep up the good spirit!

Maggie said...

Hi Keith. I just read your comment on my post "Welcome". Thanks for your kind words. It's nice to know that you already have visited Philippines!

If you're referring to my slide show with music, you could try logging in to And start making your own slide show, there are defaulted songs on that site that you could use as background music to your slide show. Copy the embed code that will be provided to you after saving your own stuff. In your blog, edit your layout. Then click "add page element", then choose "HTML/Java Script". Then paste in there the embed code. It's just like entering a new post.

I hope this would help you. Regards.

janujennifer said...

not everybody always see the bright side, and i am glad to know a person who is one. cheers to good life!

Catsy said...

hi keith.. it is nice to hear that ur subscribing my posts at my blog.. i really appreciate it.. hope ul continue reading my posts.. and i also hope that ul have a blessed day ahead..

Keith said...

I think the distressing thing about continuing readership is p[eople actually are seeing the progress I choose to report..... In a way, it actually keeps me in action... Sigh. I suppose that that is a blessing. LOL