Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Day Off From Work

When I was at home, I was looking at a copy of a book, Unlimited Power, by Anthony Robbins. I have to laugh, because I read so much in the 1980’s and 1990’s on the nature of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the ways it is used to change a man’s world.

Of course, I laugh, because one of the authors that made NLP most user friendly to me was Anthony Robbins, and his books are amazing. I think it funny how in the last few decades, I would never have thought him either effective, or worth my time. I know my mind can have a quick closing valve on it, and only after years of discipline have I learned how to keep it open. This openness resolved much of the problems I have experienced, and still, like the gag reflex, I still have to exercise extreme discipline to stay calm enough to let new information flow in.

As a child, I had a doctor tell me I am hyper-reflexic. This was made in response to a reflex exam where, one hit of the rubber tomahawk resulted in me almost kicking the doctor. It is these reflexes that sometimes need to be examined. My throat gags when eating some foods I do not like. My leg has given out momentarily due to random neurological problems.

I also know that some systems, some manmade systems, also work without my assistance. I have a valve in my brain that opens automatically when the fluid pressure in my head builds up, and drains off the excess. So, as much as I would like full control over all systems, I have to admit there are plenty things in my life for which I am best left uninvolved.

When it comes to judgment, I like to believe that through system management, I can adjust myself to keep from making quick snap judgments about people, things. I am grateful I do not have to take credit for these changes. I have had a support network that taught me how to restrain my tongue from saying harmful things. I have learned how to keep from getting myself mired into these messes.

Anyway, back to Tony. I loved watching the infomercials back in the 1990’s when he would have all these testimonials, and all these praises. I waould watch the video clips of this enormous man swinging on a rope, or a trapeze to the stage. I was thoroughly disgusted. I thought he was a buffoon, and his testimony was unconvincing to me.

So, today it is different. I love the stuff I have learned so far. I love that I am viewing the world with a little more optimism. I am pleased that with this life, I am given a new day, every day that I can use to bring my goals closer to home, as well as the goals, the dreams I am already realizing in my life.

I alsdo have loved revisiting my copy of Purpose Driven Life, and am reminded each day of the men that come here to study that book in this very coffee shop. So, my life is shaping up. My friends can call me Barbarosa, now. My beard is growing in, and after a decade since I last sported any facial hair, I am gratified that it still is red (with a smattering of white and gray hairs).

Thank you for reading.

Tonight my roommate and i will be playing a most inspirational board game, Cashflow. I hope tonight I will win.


jean said...

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Marie said...

whatta day off from work!:) nways,thanks for visiting my blog. Am not really good in it but am trying. :) Godbless you keith!:)

Itahl said...

hi there keith!! Thanx for visiting my blog.. and of course, thanx for the comment. :) Anyweiz..dnt worry i'l be updating my blog most of the time.. just keep updated too!! Till here... thanx again.. GOD BLESS keith.. :)

bloodyorchid said...

bad im trying so hard to blog its supposed to be my ultimate escape i dont know how to hide it> any idea? im going to blog my deepest darkest secret there. my blog sux im not done with that it yet. i want it private. any idea??