Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nights at Bad Ass Coming to an End?

I am at the sadly closing coffee haven, Bad Ass Coffee Company here in Redding, California.

Two bands re playing tonight, and I am typing away, listeniong to the bass, and the reverb, the electric guitars, and inspired vocals of two different bands, from where? Salt Lake City? OMG. I am having a blast. They are wrapping up one band, and moving onto the next. I have little to add, except I want yopu to know, napkins, chewed up, and molded make fabulous ear protection. I know that is gross.... I am not into protecting your delicate sensibilities as i am into reporting the truth.

The bands playing are Goodnight Sunrise, and The Larusso Band.

I suppose I have to accept the fate of my favourite blogging hole. I love the coffee. I love the convenience. I am sad that so many of my friends are now going to have to find new work, and the beautiful people that run this store are hopefully moving on to better ventures.

As for the bands... They were all excellent, and I am duly pleased with the music. I hope they are able to get on to ntheir next destination safely. They ended up holed up here in Redding. The roads were closed off due to snow.

I am here, just keeping it real.

Thank you for reading.


Nerissa said...

Hi!...thanks for reading my blog and for the info.I have just made this blog for my students and I am happy that there are some who spend time reading it. You have got nice thoughts too...ohh, you have visited Cebu and learn the language?.....Have a great day and keep on blogging!.. :) :)

Shirleen said...

hi Keith!

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post. Its nice to know that someone from across the globe finds time to read my blog. I hope you could visit our country. Keep on blogging. Remember to always keep a positive attitude! :)
God bless! :)

Marie said...

hello keith! You seem to love music huh!:) am also a music lover like you.. :) Thanks for posting some comments on my site.. :)

greta said...

thanks, Keith, I appreciate your comment. (my first on blogger!) I am in recovedry and also work in MH recovery. (gets tricky at times) i like your blog.