Monday, February 4, 2008

another mess of words on a web page...

In this moment, I ask, and I ask again,

Can I write a poem in this time?

Can this moment find the synaptic explosions,

The cataclysms, the refracted dreams, chaotic emotions

And weave them into words, into verse, another vision

Another dream, and find sifted amidst the flurry of my

Brain’s desire to control, and my heart, craving the

Complete abandon made so enticing in childhood?

I have seen those claims made by myself. I have seen the

Claims of others, and feel the pull of their words

While edging into a moment of quiet reflection where the

Dishonesty becomes clear again and again…

The catholics did not create sins of omission,

The lies, the missing placement, the completion of disclosure

Left for the fertile minds of the hurt, the jealous,

Empty of spirit, a man told in is heart that he has no right to

Speculate when pages of dreams are lost, when

Holes in curtains belie a truth, , an anxious desire for closure

A closure which only the truth told simply, a contrite

Soul falters, and a prideful front protects.

There came a moment, a quiet passage of time,

When the contrite felt an urge, felt the pull to move forward

And in that moment arose one thought

One dream that in pulling back, no pain will be felt

No skin needs to break,

And no pride needs to crumble.

I know today, in my heart, I stand here

Faultless. Indeed, in moment, I too will

Have the chance to propel myself past all

This. I just need the assurance, the one indulgence.

Tell me this once that I did no wrong,

That just for today, I need admit nothing…


Island Angel said...

oh what a nice poem.
and u actually got ur sidebar a little bit of improvement! this calls for a celebration! hihi! but hey, congratz! love talkin to ya!

NeoNix said...

Ah, I appreciate your visiting my blog! Thank you very much!

btw, nice piece of work there..

whirlwind said...


Saw your commment on my blog - that was a really old post - have been off blogging for sometime - and guess what - I just posted today and hope to restart the fire ;)


-yrenahc- said...

Thanks for the comment on my blogs. I really appreciate it.

Anyways, this one's nice. :)

Ethyl Alcohol said...

nice poem. :)

LalaZee said...

You have a way with words. A mess they certainly are not.

But then again, there is beauty in chaos and in the freefall of words.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

-- Lalaine