Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fabulous Times!

(all the while I ponder how through this blog, a friend had found me, tjhat I have not seen since 1984!)

I just finished texting a friend. I have had a most exciting forty-eight hours. I had arrived at a coffee house to find my computer infected with a blue screen inspirting virus that says, "You are dead! Proceed no further!" Undaunted.... I took it to work.

I walked half an hour to work, and looked to find my bicycle had been stopl;en. The bolt that was installed was unscrewed by rotating my entire bike unitl the entitre bolt wasd liberated from the wall.

My bank account went into a surprize state of overdraft twice, and I thought, "This .... this is all okay."

One friend texted me from Indonesia to tell me God had a bike waiting for me. and in the hjours that followed she turned out to kno what she was talking about. One of my coworkers offered me his bike to use.

Another lady, a bus driver I met, had worked as a parole officer and says she couldf get me a bike. and as I arrived to work today, I was approached by a man I know from our parking lot, who said, "We have located your bike, and it will be here shortly."

I cannot questyion God's goodness. I know in my heart soon I will be able to get obnline with my own computer, and share with a more in depth account. But this will suffice for now.


Rodney Olsen said...

I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the details. :)

obscurio said...

an interesting cycle of events.

sorry! :¬D

Ethyl Alcohol said...

i'm glad you've recovered your bike. Hope things will go well.