Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Day at the Doctor's

I reported to the HOPE van today. I was seen by a doctor who said I amn overdue to get a lot of work done so they showed me how top get my medical assistance funding work filled out, had me talk to a social worker, and assured me that nothing easily diagnosed was wrong with me....

Sigh. so much for: "take two aspirin and call me in the morning."

As a medically indigent member of Shasta County, I am being sent through the social services system so I can get my referral approved to see a neurologist who will review my latest CT scans of my brain, check out my medicine levels, review my life medical history, and determine then, maybe then a diagnosis of what is wrong with my legs...

In the past year I have gotten tired of dsragging my foot, tired of randomly losing my balance, and surveying scabs from falling on my knees and elbows. Those carpets can be a challenge sometimes. Sad, I find hope in thinking I may get an answer to my questions, but what are the answers I am going to get?

I believe that whenever one door opens, another one closes. For that I can be grateful.

I was given a prayer at a retreat house in San Juan Bautista:

God, thank you for everything you gave to me.
Thank you for everything you took from me.
Thank you for everything you left me.

I suppose being frustrated over my physical problems is just another thing to move past and learn from...


obscurio said...

hi keith,
i am glad to see you are getting some medical help. you,ve been in my thoughts.
paul. ;`)

Nenan said...

thanks, for dropping by, get well soon..

Aice Nice Concepts said...

yeah we should always be thankful
and Thank you so much for visiting
my blog

take care and get well

crazy.janne said...

hello. thanks for your surprising comment. i really don't expect it.. anyway i hope you'll be ok. just believe in GOD.. He is always there for US..

PS: i will add you to my link , i hope you will add me too? take care.

soreal said...

you've been thru a lot but am glad you're not giving up, may God Bless you more, tc!

Dezz said...

Hi Keith, glad to read your comment. I changed my url from Gamay! Here's my new linked. I appreciate your comments.
Btw, hope all is well with you.


Gel said...

hello Keith.Thanks for reading my blog. I also enjoy reading your blog.


Gel said...

...thanks for the comment in my latest blog post. Drinking cool green tea is better than Coca cola or Pepsi :) thanks for sharing your opinions.

bluerose9062 said...

Moving past physical ailments is very difficult and complex. You can't ignore them, because they'll get worse, and yet you can't let yourself be consumed by them either. It's hard to find balance. I wish you the best.

baktin said...

Hello Keith,

Thank you for dropping by my blog. You are not alone in your journey. Press on bro!

"For everything that has been, thanks and praise. For all that is to be, yes."