Sunday, April 27, 2008

Power in The Blood

It is a beautiful day here in Redding, CA. I am happy to be one of the few people in this state that is not destroyed by heat. No precipitation, and low humidity, I am quite okay with this heat. Though when I am tired, the heat seems to impact me harder. I have spoken of this leg thing. I am still able to bicycle alright.

If I had my old bicycle, I would be able to judge better how well my endurance has changed. I force myself to push harder while biking. Still, I do not know what kind of endurance I would be able to get should I attempt to bike back to San Jose. So, tomorrow (Monday) I go to the clinic to have my blood drawn to check a whole slew of things. Most important of these are making sure my liver is functioning after two years of being medicated without adequate monitoring.

I also turn in my medical forms to the government which will request paycheck stubs to verify that I qualify for the CMSP assistance. I remember when I was younger, all I had to do was walk into the county hospital, and say I was too poor to pay, and they would admit me to treatment on an “ability to pay” program. It is humbling to realize that that was indeed close to fifteen years ago, and I have no idea what is in place in the hospitals in Santa Clara County.

I have received much loving encouragement from my mother. The beautiful person that she is, she has suggested to me that she has noticed one, maybe two, typographical and spelling errors on my site. She had therefore also concluded that if I wrote all my posts in advance of going to the coffee shops, I could produce cleaner writing, with fewer errors. I would say that I am starting to heed this advice, though, I am sure no one has noticed, nor would care- about my little typing errors. Mothers are quite wonderful. I recommend everybody get one.

As for my trip to the doctor's. I laugh, because now I have a whole world as my accountability group. I have people reading me now asking me about the commitments I have made. I have people ask me if I have seen the doctor. I saw one lady, a bus driver,who asked me what is going on with my medical situation, and she does not even read my blog! One thing instilled in me as a child was that I am a lousy liar. Not that I am lousy in that I am a liar. The comment was that I am merely incompetent in lying. So, by default, I choose to tell the truth. I would love to say high moral character and sterling values drives me to tell the truth. I think that would be a lie.

One of my friends wrote online that she is “surrounded by beautiful people.” I have always found I find the people I am looking for. It is exciting to read from Napoleon Hill. In the 1920's he wrote of how people can evoke change in their lives through the use of a Master Mind Group. This is a principle he espoused after a long study of the wealthiest, most successful people of his time. It was in the 1920's he worked on a theory he called the Law of Attraction.

It is a very practical concept as Hill presents it. Decide on what you want, and surround yourself with like-minded people. Surround yourself with people who are living out the realities you want for yourself. It is important to say that Napoleon Hill was probably not making any kind of mystical associations. He said that “thoughts are things” and with that thought launched the book “Think and Grow Rich” many decades ago. With the support of others I come to see that I, with all my creativity, and all my dynamic enthusiasm, can flounder without the support of others.

If I believe that such support is available, I am more apt to see it. If I fall into depression, I will fail to see every open door in my path. So, I am grateful today. Life, indeed, is good.

Thank you for reading.

Note: I have reread this twice. I have looked at all the red lines drawn by my computer, and I am certain that I have caught most of the glaring mistakes in this post. With practice, I am sure my competence as a proofreader will improve.


obscurio said...

hi keithy baby,
i've been loving your typographical idiosyncrasy...
good luck with the blood letting and i'm glad someone is getting sunshine. it's still raining here and i'm getting a little tired of it...;`)

Keith said...

Brother Pauli, my mother would not appreciate your encouragement of my "typographical idiosyncrasy"

simpleyesa said...

Hah, i find the post intriguing because i see no errors in them and it's nearly perfect, yet... X_X

I had my struggles with regard to writing too. I know i am so bad at it but i keep writing. Though i hate reading extra long articles/entries, i made tons of long articles/entries myself. Isn't it ironic?

Anyway, thank you so much for the blog visit. I can't really tell why most people doesn't like the smell of durian. Durian smells good to me and it taste good as well.

simpleyesa said...

And also, never had a blood letting before and will surely never to happen cos i am afraid of needles. *cries*