Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All The Friars in the House, say Hallelujah!

My experiences living in Redding may well prepare me for my life as a monk.... I see a wonderful future as a monk. Friar Keith shall be my appellation, and I will work to transcend my worldly desires as an aspirant, followed by the acceptance into a contemplative community.

Selection of a community would be most challenging. If you long to wear orange, then you are in trouble unless you are Buddhist. If you like black, and enjoy long hair and long beards, Orthodoxy may well serve you. I was always drawn to the concept of the Cistercians of the Strict Order(the Trappists). These people, held up here in Kentucky, are the ones that gather eggs, and live in much quiet. They open every day with Psalm 95. “Let us make joyful noise unto the rock of our salvation...If today you shall hear His voice, do not harden your heart”

I would have to admit to you, those who have never met me, long periods of quiet are often followed by marathon talking. I am not sure a life as a Trappist would meet my needs. I do like orange wraps, but I cannot imagine shaving my head (my last girlfriend convinced me my copious surgical scars were painful to look at..... Sigh.... shaving is so easy). So, as a monk, whatever the religion, whatever the philosophy, there seems to be some unanimous agreement in uniformity, and my current preoccupation makes me wonder how successful I would b e in such a community.

Most monks are vegetarians, and eat very bland foods. I like eating dead animal flesh, and exult in my learning to prepare it in more exciting ways. Of course in all my simplicity, I love that I can make delicious soups, and prepared to my satisfaction nasi goreng (bahasa Indonesian term for “fried rice”).

What it is is this idea of Napoleon Hill. He said that in the world there is this Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is just like the concept of water seeking its own level. In NLP, they speak of modeling, and mirroring. Here, in our contemplative blog post, I will say as I was already asked, I am not very sure what I am seeking. It was my sister who between ten and twenty years ago gave me a copy of That Which You Are Seeking is Causing You to Seek.

My goal is to know who I want to emulate, what societies do I really want to b e a part of. What person, or group lives the life I want for myself? Here I am, blogging my truth, sharing my heart as best I can. My monkhood, my internal peace is coming through meditation, through prayer, through visualization. My dreams to realize are in thje offing, and I have a more organized tool box.

Neurons are said to have numerous synapses, but through lack of use, synapses are reduced to about half. My tool box is just like that one neuron. My synapses represent gateways to connect, to grow, to change. Each synapse is like a portal a tool, a utility. Each portal must be maintained. So let us figure out those tools which are more clutter than utility.

As my life gets more developed, I a grateful that I no longer read all the latest in affirmation books, self-help books, psychological analyses of various levels of dysfunction. My toolbox has gotten very simple:

I have one roll of duct tape
I have one can of WD-40

If it moves and it is not supposed to, I have duct tape.
When something does not move, but I think it should, I keep WD-40.

One man shared with me his philosophy on tools: If you cannot fix it with a hammer, the problem is electrical.

Thank you for reading.

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Babette said...

"I have one roll of duct tape
I have one can of WD-40
If it moves and it is not supposed to, I have duct tape.
When something does not move, but I think it should, I keep WD-40."

I love this, simple yet effective!
Stay strong and positive. :)

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