Wednesday, May 28, 2008

As For the World and Quantum Mechanics...

I am very positive about the changes occurring in my life. I am learning more and more about living happily and functionally in this world each day. One exciting development is the emergence of many past friends into my world after thinking, what has happened to them.

Oh, it is a wild time for me. Here I have friends, my roommate included, asking me the most annoying questions. I spent the bulk of the morning in a discussion over many of them. Here is a sampling of the questions I fielded in the hour preceding my first cup of coffee:

  1. What do you dislike so much about The Secret?

  2. Is there anything particularly wrong or harmful about believing something that cannot be proven true?

  3. Keith, you are a Catholic. Even you said you cannot prove the existence of God, and yet you promote those skeptics on your website, people who would have no understanding of your persistence in belief despite the lack of scientific facts to support it. How do you reconcile this?

  4. If the ideas of The Secret are contained in so many of the other books you have read, why do you feel so strongly against this one?

  5. If these people want to believe that The Secret works, because of some scientifically unsupported ideas using little understood Quantum Theory to give it a sense of legitimacy, then is there any reason why that should bother you?

  6. What do you have against positive thinking? (Answer: nothing. I think Norman Vincent Peale spoke more credibly, and more effectively, on the subject than these people called to talk in The Secret dvd).

  7. You love that book by Shakti Gawain on Creative Visualization. She talks about the same stuff as The Secret, and you have no qualms with her. Why is that? (Answer: Her book is thirty years old, and does not demand we rid ourselves of all “negative thought.” He book has no bizarre cult following it, and she does not make weird claims using terms like Quantum Theory of Quantum Mechanics to give her ideas some kind of fake legitimacy)

Okay, this discussion did leave me a little exhausted, and I have to admit my exhaustion shows in my spirit, a little resistance to this inquiry. Does that mean I have flaws in my thinking?

Of course not!

(I hear guffaws already, and I have not even published this, yet)

The Secret is a personal sore spot to me. I had a woman lecture me on trying to change me to what she deemed was the “right” way of thinking (ie. The Law of Attraction) for years. If that does not sour you to a philosophy, then you are a better person than I. The Secret still talks about things in a metaphysical manner I do not support. I have a belief that if this works for you, then do it.

Fourteen years ago a man, a charismatic Christian I met in a 12 step meeting, laid hands on me, and prayed over me, talked to me about his belief in God. I told him I was impressed that he did not talk about this stuff in the regular groups, that he only discussed iot with me when I asked him about it.

He told me, “Keith, if I did it any other way, it would not work.”

I share my ideas, and until now, I have tried to avoid sharing advice. I learned from people in 12-step groups how to truly Live and Let Live. So, when I write this, I am going to say my lesson for me is simply this:

If you have something that works well for you, share it freely if anyone asks.

In conclusion, I have to say I feel a bit deflated by all this. I know it is truly my own poison that makes me attack the Secret. I like Shakti Gawain, and will start to apply some of her ideas to my life. I like the ideas of the vision board, the positive thinking. I could use a little more of that.

As for my medical. Much is showing positive results in my life. I had let my cell phone run out of credits, and my doctor, from the HOPE van came to my home, to make sure I was able to schedule my CAT scan when he was unable to call me. How is that for going the extra mile?


Annie said...

Awesome doc!

Ng Xin Zhao said...

I kinda agree with you about the way people are teaching the Secret, it's lessens it's effectiveness.