Sunday, May 18, 2008

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In this day and age, I am thinking how bizarre it is that with all the time I have been online, I have remained, successfully, isolated. Many of my most exciting interactions have been out of my state, out of the country I call my home. So, here I am , in my fifth, maybe sixth year online, and I am finding (actually they are finding me) people I have not seen in twenty years.

For those of you reading about the harassment I am getting from others in my life, I am off to the doctor's again in the morning.

To assure you that essentially I am okay, I want you to know (cuz I can be unclear) that my basic health is okay. My body functions quite well. I am concerned about my motor functions. I am concerned about my equilibrium. I am certain I need to wear good shoes when I ride my bicycle.

Those who write in and are praying for me.... No one has been hurt for praying too much. I do feel a gratitude for the wonderful thoughts I am getting from several different continents. But, as for my little fall the other day:

I was on uneven ground, and perched on my bike in front of a white truck. I fell over on attempting my start. I am still quite healthy, aside from road rash, on my elbows, and bruised inner arm.

I have my county medical assistance, and good doctors who want to get me to a neurologist, and we will not know anything until we know anything. They want to CAT scan my brain. My friend in Massachusetts says they should do a PET scan. One man told me, perhaps I have an inner ear problem. Another thinks my legs are at fault. Of course, one man says I need to lose weight and everything will be better. I am blessed that I live someplace where so much free medical advice is available.

The lady in the HOPE van will have the results from the preliminary blood tests. I am glad I will get to find out if after so much time on antiseizure medication, that my liver is doing okay. I told my friend that doctors are not miracle workers, and she said that God can use anyone to accomplish healings and miracles, even doctors. My mother told me that I cannot find out anything if I do not go... I do not fight with my Mom.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing.


Amor said...

Hope everything is fine especially your health.Be careful,accidents can happen anytime.

Thanks for visiting my blog,happy Monday!

Annie said...

I always giggle at PET and CAT scans....but then I'm an animal lover.

obscurio said...

Keithy Baby,
I have to say, I'm liking the beard. They are great for collecting little insect friends while cycling. Unfortunately they do create wind resistance.;`}}}

bOjOy said...

hi keith. thanks for visiting me again.Ü Im when i get comments from u. i hope ut okaY & Yeah, pls be very careful all the time.

Ingat! - take care in tagalog
Amping - take care in Bisaya