Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sand Mandalas and Health Care

(As you watch the monks creating this most gorgeous sand painting, I would like to encourage you to leave a comment on this blog. I always like knowing what you think.)

If the Hope van seems like a small thing to you, you probably never needed it. I am thinking how exciting it is to have medical care available when I do not have the money.

As a result of my past few weeks, I learned that I can apply for CMSP. This is a California sponsored County administered health care program. Now, every county in California has access to CMSP. Every county has someone working to provide health care to the poor. Everyone on SSI has access to Medicare, and many people with disabilities gets MediCal insurance coverage.

The ability to get important medical care is available to many people. It is full of bureaucracy. There are copious forms to fill out, and verification is needed of everything from your income to what assets you own, how many bills you pay, and where you live. Still, after listening to all of you, I have received comments from many people telling me my health is not just my business.

I was told that for the sake of all the people who assist me, take money from me, give money to me, employ me, and pay taxes to assist me, I have a responsibility to take care of my health. These are not casual comments of people concerned about whether or not I am feeling well.

This is a dynamic universe, and with my negative comments on the Secret, some my be inclined to believe I do not think of the universe as a place with dynamic, creative energy. I do. I think many things come up from people's imaginations, people's actions, people's dreams. I believe that the true creativity comes from not dressing up our paths for success in metaphysical talk unfounded in any reasonable standard of science.

I want people to foster their dreams, and I want them to create their destinies. I want everyone to enjoy lives of abundance. I believe that we can create more things with positive attitudes than negative ones.

The bottom line of this account is simply every thought you have will manifest significantly in your actions. Whenever great changes, positive changes occur in a person's life, it is common for people to attribute it to miraculous or spectacular causes. There does not seem to be any reason to believe that that is true.

Of the following I have learned much:

Shakti Gawain teaches how to visualize the world I want, and the person I want to be.

Anthony Robbins teaches much on how to change my physiology to handle situations differently.

Zig Ziglar has written much on how to utilize faith while carrying concrete management skills while achieving your goals.

Peter F. Drucker wrote on the science of effective management.

Already I feel my list too long. I have no interest in reading from (and many do do it) multiple affirmation books a day. My dreams are being developed as I write, through goal setting, and realizing the anger and sadness that kept me from acting on this stuff before.

Anyone can find people they trust to learn from. Anyone can get bogged down in what Robbins called “impotent” goals. I have had goals that did not inspire me. But, I live in a time where I will no longer take uninvited advice from multiple sources, because that will only confuse and slow my progress. I found the people that make sense, and inspire me. I would be a fool to listen to a whole mess of advice, especially from those unable to truly grasp what I am, and what I hope to accomplish.

Thank you for reading.


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Keith, good to hear about the health care you're getting in CA. Health is our greatest wealth, right? And thank God, you listen to people who care about you.

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hi keith,
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nice post you got here (^_^)
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