Monday, June 2, 2008

If I Only Had a Brain

Tomorrow is my day of truth. Maybe.

I think of John Updike discussing the human being as perceived by dinosaurs, their clawless fingers, hairless bodies, the flaccid erectitude of the human body; botched and weak, what, indeed, did we ever do to earn our place in the sun? In this post I enclose a CAT san, done of the skull of a body buried thousands of years ago.

Mine will be a little more useful for me. I hope in this endeavor tomorrow, they will find something, some evidence of something wrong in my brain box, that they can say, "There you go! That is the problem right there!"

I think of the empty cranium of the mummy displayed above, and I know my CAT scan will go a little deeper. My scan will reveal a brain, and the discerning eyes of the doctors examining the film will hopefully yield -early in this investigation- a little about what is impairing my walking.

I will share more on this later....

Thank you for reading


Chobits said...

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Nice to meet you, keep in touch. ^^
Sorry, maybe my understanding of english is a bit weak, i don't quite understand this post, will try to understand more on your next post, looking forward to it.

Annie said...

Here's to them saying, ""There you go! That is the problem right there! And it's so easily rectified!"

Hal Johnson said...

What Annie said. Best of luck to you, Keith.

My said...

Oh, Keith, whatever the result of your CAT scan, hope it gives healing process for recuperation. God be with you... Panalangin para sa yo, kaibigan.