Thursday, June 12, 2008

If This is an Emergency, Dial 911

I have been working on money things, and taking care of business, and for a while, some of the people -actually in contact with me, out here in my corporeal existence- have approached me, and asked about a simple concern. I was asked by many about my CT scan of my brain. I am listening to a podcast of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe: Your Escape to Reality. It calms me in this scary time, a time when I am haunted by many folk that have approaching me with New Age and pseudo science answers to life problems.

I did have a CT scan. The people at MD Imaging in Redding, California, took me into a room, and used the CT scanner to take several slice pictures of my brain. Each one is viewed like a slice of a tomato. In my case, my past CT scans were done most specifically to check the ventricles in my brain. My ventricles are the spaces inside my brain, and should there be a problem with the hardware installation done in 1995, and the shunt in my brain is failing to drain my fluids adequately there would be evidenced in the ventricles getting bigger. Like the water in a balloon forcing the balloon to expand outward so would be the case in my brain.

After my caustic attack on the cash machine started by an Australian movie producer, her cadre of out of work authors, “philosophers”, and one token “quantum physicist.” My roommate has assured me that it is my thinking about quantum physicists, and The Secret fans is precisely what brings those things into my world. If I started thinking about something else, I would be able to manifest a new world. I could banish them from my world, altogether.

Now then, as for the question of my CT scan. One conversation, I had with my mother, and an email I sent to my sister, we believed someone has seen my CT scan. I am not yet in the care of a neurologist, so, as for the results of my CT scan, I believe precisely this: If I had a brain tumor, or my shunt was seriously malfunctioning, someone would have noticed something in my scan worthy of a phone call.

My belief is that if there was something obvious in my CT scan, I would have heard from them. They are making an appointment, and ordered my visit with the neurologist. Now, the coordinator at the HOPE van is calling me soon to get me further on the path to some answers.

So, what do I know that I did not know before visiting the HOPE van? I know from my blood tests that many functions in my body are working quite well, and the doctor is quite pleased with this, as well as is the patient. For now, I will continue reading for the day. I also have laundry to do tonight.

Thank you for reading.


Annie said...

I believe you may be right - no news is good news. Hope you are feeling well.

Mariposa said...

I can't say I know exactly what you go through, yet, I've been subjected to all tests I've known on earth! I have my cardio, I have my neuro-surgeon...and the rest. They got paranoid when I was 18, I'm 28 now...and I'm working...and I get to maintain an active short, I'm so fine. :)

I've watched The Secret, and I love reading self-help books...yet, being and doing should come together, and to live each day trying the two meet, is a challenge.

I'd love to hear more about HOPE van...this is my first time here...will read more to be able to relate more...

Nice site here...sure to be back!

Ethyl Alcohol said...

It's okay if you fall.
You can just get up again.
Why don't you look up at the sky, while you're down there.
The blue sky spreads across above you.
Can you see it smiling at you?
You are alive.

Cielo said...

I am also about to have another round of my CT scan, next week, i have one before (result : tightening of the neural formina C3&C4). Too complicated medical terms, but in simple layman's terms, its the tightening of the veins in my neck going to my BRAIN????? hehehhe. I dont know much, all i know that i have this condition that pain isbothering me (frequent head aches and numbness of me left arms).

Anyway let us both be positive and hopeful...cheers.

BTW, thanks for the visit in my blog

haze said...

Hoping that CT Scan would be negative! Just continue to believe and everything will be alright. Remember HE is watching us :D !

jOyEnZ said...

i just can't believe this happening
if so, help me from awakening
cause i hope this is just a dream
wherein I'll be seeing light's beam


Jean Marie said...

hi keith, thanks for visiting my blog. uhh, just reading this article lets me know that someting's not right with you...i hope ur doing fine.

call center? nahh, you wouldn't dream of working in one. geez, customer's are hard to handle, specially the demanding ones. hope ur not one of them. LoL.