Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Wanna Know: Do You Really Care?

I have seen the light. I am looking at the path of least resistance I know my lower ph attitude is not popular. I am trying to cut the tomatoes out of my diet. It is easier since the latest crisis has elevated the cost of tomatoes in California. Still, my efforts to drink unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar have come to an end. Will this dietary modification remove the acidic bite from my writing?

Just knowing what a sharply opinionated man I can be inspires me with a quiet satisfaction. I can tone down my criticisms and proceed onto more positive, more enlightened paths. I am sitting in Arby's, drinking water after finishing off a large chocolate shake.

This is a challenge.

I will say that being positive is one of my greatest assets. It is good if I use it more often. My laughter, my dream was founded in an interaction I had years ago with a coworker. I know many have heard this discussion, but here goes:

I explained to a friend of mine that my indifference is probably my greatest strength. He looked at me, and seriously responded , “Maybe, your indifference is your greatest weakness.”

I told him that I do not care.

Now aside from a silly flat line, a moment of opportunism met with opportunity, and I was able to deliver what at the time I thought a very funny retort. Now, I realize, that aside from the humor in that comment, I see I am truly indifferent on precious little. I am still able to find great peace, and live with my great passion. What does my indifference do, but deaden me to the richness of everyday existence?

I was commenting on how many opportunities are opening up to me as I brighten my outlook. I told a friend that people are rushing to me with new thoughts, brighter money opportunities, and bigger smiles. My health is improving, and I can see equivocally how all this came about as a direct result of my actions.

I feel that all my years of listening to positive thinkers, motivational thinkers, physiology coaches has not been wasted. What about physiology? Well, as I listen to people like Tony Robbins, I realize that my physiology is the key to getting past my most unproductive behaviors. I found my personal state that is most productive, the times when I am getting most accomplished, I am anything but indifferent.

My indifference is a quality that steals from me the fire that keeps me moving in a positive direction. Maybe I was filled with joy -another time I failed in my indifference- when I was sitting in the company of a close friend. She looked at me, and with a fire in her eyes, a smoldering passion in her heart, told me that love and hate have there place in the world, but indifference is lethal. She told me that on several occasions. I was amazed at the passion that filled the air when she spoke of the lethality of indifference. I knew then, that try as she might, her excitement discussing the death of others destroyed her chance to be indifferent.

But, maybe she is right. As I look at the times I was most dead- the times my soul was dying- I found that that was when my indifference was at its peak. I cannot testify to the lethality of my apathy on others. I am not certain anyone cares that much. I do know if you read this page, know my passion, know my love, know my dislikes, that for you this page will be more exciting than if I try to inspire you with how little I care.

Let us try again, and move back to that optimum physiology again. I am thinking that mayhbe my friend was right when he dove into biofeedback many years ago. Indeed he is one oif the happier, most calm people I know.

Thank you for reading.


obscurio said...

Hi Keithy Baby,

My friend's mother calls this 'feeling Anyhow.'

Teaching without words,
performing without action:
that is the Master's way.

Lao-Tzu. think,I killed a cat
and may I say, not in a gay way.

Sid Vicious.


Keith said...

Obscurio, You always find the great philosophers to quote from.

I was always partial to Sid Vicious' rendition of My Way. Wow! Certainly not apathetic theree

new_techno said...

Hai Keith.. I'm Indonsian. Still learn English. May you sharing your english and I sharing Bahasa Indonesia :)

>> Let's Change The World!

Kikey said...

Hi, thanks for visited my blog.

between, that was not banana leaves, sorry i dunno the name of the leaves in English. And, yup, that picture was took in Boston Harbor.

I going to West Coast on coming summer, maybe you shd come to East Coast... :)

levian said...

i believe we are all unique beings, n that is what makes the gathering of minds so much more interesting. exchanging thoughts n opinions, these i do keep an open-mind. accepting doesn't have to mean agreeing, but it doesn't hurt to have another perspective. ;)

ps: love the way you wrote !!

fififiona said...

thanks for viewing my blog ya..
tat blog is specially for me to write,dun bother bout wat i wrote..haha..
maybe u can visit my another blog..
n u hav a nice blog tooo^^

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Wow...nice post....i don't think my english level can reach this level....hahaha.

Anyhow thanks for your sharing about positive thinking. Continue to be yourself, accept what you are and who you are, because you youself is your main motivation for life.

p/s: Nice to meet u as well. Happy that u like my post. Take care ya~

I shouldn't tell about myself... said...

Hello friend, thanks for visiting my blog.... I think we should keep in touch by exchanging links. What do you say?

elezend said...

Hopefully you can get better

Try watching The secret by Rhonda Bynes (Hopefully I get her last name right) =) you might/might not find encouragement in the movie

mirage2g said...

I direct all questions about life in the bible, I pretty much find the answers too!

Did you took that photo? Very fitting for a well written piece! See you around!

faeryrowan said...

Hey, Keith! Thanks for dropping my by blog. From your comments there, the last thing I would think about is you being indifferent, apathetic. Your kind words there were very touching.

I do agree with your friend. Never have I felt more alive than when I cared...for just about anything or anyone around me. Maybe that's the one simple thing that we all need to do to make life a little easier and brighter, and yes, maybe even happier.

Hope you have a nice day. See you around. ;)

Keith said...

New Techno, Kikey, Levian, Fififona, Geok kee, I Shouldnt Tell About Myself, Elezend, and Mirage2:

I am excited to have gotten so many warm, and thoughtful comments from you all. Please, keep coming back.

haze said...

Having positive attitude is a way out! I've always been positive in life whatever challenges I am in, it's the only weapon I have and it works :D ! Have a nice day Keith !