Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kado Untuk Keith. (posted for my Malay speaking friends)

I sit with one quiet satisfaction. Every year, in June, I remind my coworker how terribly old she is getting. This year, she has turned thirty-eight. Well, come July eight, I too will be thirty-eight years old. I have this on my profiles. I have no point in hiding. I know that when my friend refers to me as Bapak Keith, it is a sign of respect, not of my great chronological advancement.

What I reap, I shall sow. If I want to be mean to my coworker- a hair's breadth older than me- than I will likewise be haunted by others wanting to remind me of my special day ahead... This is in one, if not many of my profiles.

I do not want to discuss this. I have received a picture, and I will post it here, of my birthday present, en route to me from a location very far away... I see the picture, haunted by the picture. I think what kind of taunting person would send me a picture of my gift, a very beautiful picture.

Understand me when I say this. I hated the taunting notion that I would have to wait until Christmas to figure out what was inside my packages, sitting under the tree. I also knew that there was a horrible enticement in this room, this one room in my home, that my sister and I were forbidden to enter in the weeks prior to Christmas. I would imagine in that room were paper shopping bags of presents that would eventually show up under the tree on Christmas Day.

I want you to know I only assume what was in that room. To admit more would inculpate me, and I live in a country where I am encouraged never to say anything that would in anyway incriminate me. I understood the ultimate value of this Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution when I heard the case of the renowned psychic Miss Cleo, who was arrested for her questionable business practices.

When Miss Cleo was asked her name, she invoked her Fifth Amendment rights, and I still think that that is wild and intense.

"What is your name?"
"I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that the answer may tend to incriminate me."

So, I drifted on a tangent long enough. My gift is a taunt. That I have to await its arrival is a taunt. That I ruminate on my fortieth birthday as if it ius a landing strip. I see the landing lights. I was already told by my sister of our approach to forty. I told her in disgust that that is two and a half years away.

So, where is Monty Hall when I ponder what to do? Do I ask to open the curtain, or do I accept what is in the box? God is good, so I will wait for the package.

Thank you for reading.

(I have received the picture, and will post it once I get an accommodating Internet connection. )


LimZhi said...

Ireland will always be beautiful and waiting for you to come! =)

Malay language is not to difficult to master at the beginner and intermediate level. With your determination, I'm sure you can make it. See! You have started using them now! ;) Good try!

Btw, I'm still a medical student..4 more years to go towards being a doctor. ;)

Keith said...

I thank you for encourtaging me in my language studies. Visit here again.

Avee said...

Thanks for the visit and comment. Wow!! Your birthday is july too? My birthday is this week and yeah we can't hide our real age. I'm getting another year older =)

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Keith said...

Avee, ,indeedyour visit is enigmatic to say the least! You visit my lonesome post, and declare we cannot hide our ages...

I know I declared how old I am!
But so far, all anyonme here knows, is you were born in July.

Regardless,bienvenida to my little hole in cyberspace.

Mei-Wah said...

Great job on your Bahasa Melayu learning! I am sure you will able to master it in short period of time! ;) I will be happy to help you, if you need any coaching, Keith...

LimZhi said...

Hi, am here again! ;)
Was wondering where did u learn your Malay language? You sounds like you really love your lesson!
And, r u learning it because u r coming to Malaysia or Indonesia?
All the best to you, and selamat belajar! =)

Keith said...

I appreciate the offers of assistance.... My instructor is quite good, and would look askance at my seeking out other tutors... LOL

mekurukito said...

how many languages are you learning currently? do you find it difficult?

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Im sure one day u can master Malay well....Selamat maju~

BeverLy's Secret said...

You are so sweet!1 Thanks for visiting :)

Liang Mui said...

hi keith,
thx for dropping by at my blog. :)
malay language is not difficult to learn :) keep it up ya :)

elezend said...

I found this website from joshuaun's blog

You can try googling mangolanguages =)

I will be 20 in december ^^"