Thursday, July 24, 2008

Exploration on Hold...

I feel so irresponsible. I thought I was clear in my post that my doctor was attentive, and knowledgeable. I like that I have seen my scan, and have a baseline understanding of what I was looking at.

Me: Uh, doctor, what is that?
Doctor: That is your brain.
Me: Great!

With a diagnosis of slit ventricle syndrome, I have to say I am reading articles, and wondering if this could have anything to do with my problems. I have to take it all a day at a time, and be grateful we have a scan that shows conclusively that for now no surgery is necessary. (I will ask my doctor if she agrees with my interpretation of her remarks). slit ventricle syndrome discussed here.

I have suggested, but never meant to imply that surgery was in the offing for me. Snipping for answers is a scary proposition, especially when my general health does not seem to be in a decline. So, I have to say that I am not going into surgery!

My coworker sent mer a picture of a trephaned skull with a piece of tape below it indicating that the skull was mine. Cute. I write about this just to get warmed up to the idea should it all come to that. I am not in a position to take on exploratory surgery and hospital stays. For now, my most trusted advisors and I are in agreement. I have to make arrangement for m ore medical coverage if I want to explore this more.

I thank all the visitors here for the wonderful blessings and greetings.

But, one of my other coworkers did say that we could get a clamp, and another pressure valve, and do the procedure ourselves. I was impressed. He came up with the exact solution, as my doctor.

All we need is a couple days off, some dry erase markers, a good straight razor, a can of shaving cream, and the clamps to attach to my shunt. I do thank one medical student in Ireland for sharing with me the excitement involved in doing brain surgery through the mouth. God bless you, but I am partial- in this day and age of body piercing and tattoos- that I would have the opportunity to experience the bone drill experience one more time! Let us sit back and wait.

If ever there is a time to lighten up, it is now. I trust my advisors. I will proceed as we come to a conclusion.

As for Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu instruction, I have found innumerable resources, including online dictionary which I downloaded for free, and free language instruction podcasts which I listen to regularly.


MIRA said...

Hi Keith, I'm amazed at how calmly and confidently you're handling your situation. Whenever I have a medical condition too, I do a lot of research online, I'm always a step ahead of my doctors ;-). Anyway, I hope things will turn out great for you. Btw, tks for always visiting and leaving comments in my blogs. Take care.
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saintnick said...

Really hope you get better and return to your former self, the world would be a less interesting place without you, and with George Carlin gone we need all the guiding lights we can get in these times. All the best to you,

Nick in Santa Cruz

Mei-Wah said...

as mira said, you are handling the whole situation very well! "syabas" (well done) to you keith... i am sure things will turn out to be better for you. we have faith in you keith! :)

lisaschaos said...

Wow, this still has to be scary but I'm glad you have answers. :)

Amor said...

Thanks for the visit and comment Keith. I also hope you get better soon. May God give you more strength and blessings too.

Sunshine said...

I feel like I'm missing something - I need to go back and catch up a bit.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope everything works out.

Maggie said...

Hello Keith,

Hope you're fine now and all is well with you with God's grace.

Keep smiling..