Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Issue of My Journalistic Integrity

Years ago, I owned a toy robot called 2-XL , and this robot was designed to ask questions, and help me stay creative while learning fun facts. In the decade in which I received this toy, I eventually learned that my 2-XL was only a robot shaped 8-track tape player. I loved the tapes. I loved answering the questions, while inspired by the interactive nature of this exciting toy.

The eight track tape design was ideal for the robot's quiz model, because in order to answer a question, you pressed one of four buttons. The track you selected would make it possible to know whether the answer you selected was right or wrong. But, around thirty years later, I can still remember some facts I learned listening to that funny robot's voice, entertained as I was keeping my mind active.

One fact is that I remembered was that almost a year before I was born, Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the surface of the moon, making them the first men to ever walk on the surface of the moon. It was when I was playing with my 2-XL, I learned that the date of this occurrence was July 20, 1969. I am thinking about this, in part, because today is the thirty ninth anniversary of the landing. Also, being a regular user of the Internet, I was relaying a story I received in the email years ago, and was tickled by the humour in it. I relayed the story to a person I know just this evening. I will show a variation of the story here:

It seems when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, he not only gave his famous "One Step for Man", etc. statement, but followed it by several remarks. It ended with "Good luck, Mr. Gorsky." Over the years many people have questioned him as to what the "Mr. Gorsky" statement meant.

Two weeks ago, while answering questions following a speech, he finally responded, since Mr. Gorsky had finally died and so Armstrong felt he could answer. When he was a kid, he was playing ball. His brother hit a fly which landed in front of the Gorsky's bedroom window. As he leaned down to pick it up, he heard Mrs. Gorsky shouting at Mr. Gorsky:

"Sex you want? You'll get sex when the kid next door walks on the moon!"

(I edited the story to make it more acceptable for my blog. I hope no one minds...)

Well, sadly, as I am compulsive in passing along unverified stories, I am becoming compulsive in checking popular tales on News to me, and maybe to no one else, the story is a populkar one, but is a fake. The story as told is quite funny, but never happened. Check here, and decide for yourself. Link: .

I have not received my next tests, and my next adventure into the hands of a competent neurologist have yet to happen. My neuro-surgeon said we are not ready to cut into my skull. We shall see if there is more top discover in the next chapter of this adventure. Thank you, everyone, for your comments on this. I will save the drill bit if they decide to crack open my skull again. I guess that is all for now.

Thank you for reading.

I am pondering the observation of my doctor who stated that the ventricles in my brain are virtually non-existent I am reading on this and there does not seem to be answers until they test me more... Stay tuned


LimZhi said...

Huh? Never know 20 July is an anniversary. Next year it would be a 40th anniversary for that historical event. Thanks for the info!

Btw, are you going for a brain surgery? When will it be? There is one way of operating the brain by not opening the skull, which is to operate through the mouth. How about yours?

Thanks for visiting my blog, do drop me a message whenever u feel like coming to Ireland or Malaysia! Hope to see ya, and take care there! ;)

Akira 思胜 said...

Have tests again? Take care of yourself too ya! All the best...

Keith said...

Limzhi, there is still no reason to believe we will be doing any cutting at all, but the hardware being examined is on the outside of my skull, just beneath my scalp.

Intervention through my mouth seems unlikely. I am encouraged that for all the work doctors have done, they actually have done no cutting into my grey matter, yet.

I am happy about that.

Keith said...

Akira, thank you for your visit. I have no idea when the next round occurs

Mei-Wah said...

take care keith...
i am sure the surgery will be a successful one!
i am sure the surgery is just a minor one...

Panaderos said...

Best of luck with the surgery. Take care.