Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kado Untuk Keith..... Realized (What is Kopi Luwak?)

"Quality is like buying oats. If you want good, clean oats, you have to pay a fair price. If you are happy with oats that have already been through the horse , well, those are a little cheaper."

-found on a plaque in the House of Pizza, downtown San Jose

I was thinking how wonderful it is to have a birthday, and to know I am alive one more year... No... not my birthday, yet. I was also reading about Mary Wollstonecraft, and Rosalind Franklin two heroic and gifted women both dead prior to their thirty-ninth birthday.

I posted my birthday present, en route and tracked online so I knew daily where this package was from the day that picture was taken.

I already spoke of my impatience with not knowing. I listened as I was told that this box was in Asia, when it was in Anchorage, Alaska, and wshen I was told this package-sent by Federal Express- had arrived in Redding, California.

Well, as I have been indulged with encouragement from my new friends and readers in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, I am thrilled to continue my study of the Malay language. With regular lessons, my knowledge of Bahasa Malayu and Bahasa Indonesia is growing fast.

Minuman hangat:

I have a most delicious assortment of beverages, prepared hot, enjoy the spiciness of ginger, crystallized sugar, and dutch processed coklat(or chocolate).

Chewy ginger candies, spicy, and quite addictive. I have a coworker that told me how to prepare my own ginger candy, a process of simmering pieces of ginger root in water mixed with equal amounts of sugar and water.

I think having the candies given to me is easier. Perhaps that is why I have not furthered this investigation.

And I enjoyed my birthday card, my heavy assortment of beverages, my candies, a tshirt, and a gorgeous map of the Indonesian archipelago, my roommate received from his mother a movie, The Bucket List, and played it.

(I will not want to suggest in my package I received kopi luwak kopi luwak , for I do not have a discerning palate capable of appreciating the subtilties of coffee that markets internationally for fifty USD for three ounces of coffee beans)

It was while watching the movie, that I heard Jack Nicholson refer to his beverage as Kopi Luwak from Sumatra. He holds a demitasse cup before him as he sips from the most expensive coffee in the world. I scrambled through my birthday present, and unfolded a map of the Indonesian Archipelago. I looked at the long island of Sumatra and knew that somewhere in that island is where the coffee gets its unique harvesting due to the lives of a small creature.

The Asian palm civet(Paradoxurus hermaphroditus),a small animal the size of a house cat, is what makes Kopi Luwak the highly sought delicacy that it is.

These creatures indigenous to the Philippines, Indonesia, and parts of Malaysia love coffee beans . They eat them, and they do not digest them well. After they pass from the small toddy cat's bowels, they are collected off the ground in these villages. From the digestive tracts of these small mammals, kopi luwak is marketed as green coffee beans at an amazing price of fifty USD for three ounces.

I can proclaim my desire for perfect coffee, complain about the travesties done that cheapen the value of good coffee, but in the end, I just do not have the discernment necessary to appreciate the value of a coffee cured in the intestine of a toddy cat. I suppose I will remain partial to whatever Safeway is selling at six dollars for the thirty-three ounce cannister.

As for the spicy ginger treats I have received, they delight me immensely.

Thank you for reading.


Akira 思胜 said...

Nice translation my friend...

cbs said...

the banner looks awesome. where is that, specifically?

and nice site, really.

Keith said...

Akira, I appreciate your support.

Terima kasih, my friend.

Keith said...

Cbs, the banner is a road that I bicycle doiwn on a regular day to work... Taken with a decent Vivitar cam. I know nothing about it, 'cept it was the one digi I could afford at the time. I do live in a beautiful town

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

ive heard about those precious coffee beans. i wondered who discovered brewing beans coming from cat poop. who wouldve thought there's money in shit. hehehe.

-barefoot alchemist- said...

hi keith...

kopi luwak, yep.. it came from u know wat... funny it was mentioned in the bucketlist movie...hehehe

kip on drinking nice brewed coffee... :)

Kikey said...

hey, u know quite a lot of Malay words!
Pandai!! :)

Keith said...

Pinoy Web Surfer, a coworker heard the numbers on it

converted the price quoted in Forbes Magazine was as high as 2300 Php for 90 grams.

I saw a California based company selling Kopi Luwak for as little as 3450 Php for .5 Kg

My coffee drinking exp not as intense.

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

hehehe, wouldnt pay those kind of money for a coffee even if im a coffee drinker :P

Island Angel said...

i know Kopi Luwak~! Yeah, I heard it from jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman's movie "The Bucket List". I laughed so hard with them when Morgan Freeman told Jack Nicholson why Kopi Luwak was so tasty and expensive!

MayaFlaminda said...

Hi Keith!

Just letting you know that i'm blogging again! :) Nice blog. It's good you're not sticking to just one topic.