Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keeping Focus

In this period,m where I am spending enormous amounts of time on campus, I am learning more about how to focus my attention, and get things done. In my efforts to get here, I have been quite honest, off line, about my difficulties in meeting deadlines, and finishing things I have wanted to get started.

I was challenged by a friend when I admitted I was late getting everything together to start school in summer session. I promised, heartfelt, and swore that I would have everything together by this Fall session. Even then, that liuttle pink post card sat lonesome in my backpack as I pondered filling it out, buying a stamp, and mailing it off to Santa Clara to get my transcripts to their new home here in Shasta County.

So, while the process of establishing my financial aid was smooth a couplke months ago, it was not until my transcripts arrived a few weeks ago that I was able to get the financial aid office to file my petition, and get my requeests for loans and grants underway.

I guess I should not be surprized when I was loaned money by my mother who told me that I have a long history of not following through on projects. I was told that this money should be used to buy my school books, and to keep my focus. So, I have my focus today. I am buying my books, and I am committed to getting this done as quickly as possible.

Included above is a clip of music from Thomas Dolby, a song that sings to my soul. I hope you enjoy it.
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Kikey Loo said...

i like the video clip, thanks...

wish u all the best... :)

Zen Ventures said...

Hey Keith, Congratulations for getting your lazy butt to get moving! :) Sometimes we just need a big kick in the butt to do a much needed to do things! So what do you study in College? are you going for your masters?

luna miranda said...

with things happening all at once, it's easy to lose focus. before i start my day, i make it a habit of refocusing myself, review my priorities.

that's a lovely photo, by the way.


Panaderos said...

I always think of the things that really matter to me and that helps me focus on seeing a job through. I admit that there are days when I feel a bit lazy or lackadaisical. I live the moment just to get such feelings out of my system. After that, I put my focus back on the tasks at hand.

I wish you all the best.

Island Angel said...

hey keith. gratz on ur skooling life (^_^)

BTW, i got a new blog.
link me up (^_^)
got u linked already (^_^)

Nyl said...

i like the photo keith. with your study..just keep going!you'll get there.

happy weekend!:)

Purpled Sky said...

Hey Keith! Congratulations in this wonderful journey, and good luck! Above all, may God be always with you and bless you.

LimZhi said...

Congrats! ;) All the best to u!! And btw, which course u taking, that lasts only for a season?

Guzz said...

Hi Thanks for you comment on my page, are you learning bahasa?