Thursday, November 6, 2008

Okay, now what?

Since the Tuesday election, I have had a few reactions. I remember the election party they held for President-elect Bill Clinton, and how it seemed he was heralded as the great deliverer that would save us from perdition.

Did I vote for Barack Obama? Well, yes I did. I live in a simple community where admitting such things makes people talk to you in hushed tones, and offer up business cards for good therapists.

I mention the party of Bill Clinton, just because, for all the good things that occurred during his administration, he is still spoken of as the one man who destroyed the dignity of the United States Presidency. Many people still speak passionately of his scandal, and the unsubstantiated claims of his other dirty dealings.

Now we have Barack. After his inauguration, we will see if he is the man who will be able to make positive changes in this world, or not.

I am amused. With all the realized homogeneity of the two parties, it is amazing how much of a person's identity gets wrapped up in saying with which party you vote. After all is said and done, I hope in the next eight years, the Obama Administration will be able to repair some of the damage done to our relations in the world.

I have sat in on many discussions in the past thirty-eight years where people have alternately prediccted the overwhelming success or failure of elected officials. In the past six months I have listened to outrageous discussions on how Obama will destroy America. I am somewhat startled by the wild predictions that he will bve able to overcome the messes created by deregulation, the messes created by NAFTA, the wholesale catastrophe of policy decisions that made this recent bailout necessary. I believe that of these discussions, these predictions, most fared worse than Sylvia Brown; I remain content knowing I am a man that does not see into the future.

Has any one President ever worked as hard as George W. Bush to kill the positive image of our country in the eyes of the world? When I travelled to Minadanao for the first time, I was told to be careful. I was told , "They hate Americans there!" I would calmly ask them to name which countries think highly of us now.

This is a good time, and my hope is that with a new administration, we c an start repairing all the damage that has been done. These are just a few rambling thoughts. I will retreat now to my fence post where I can dodge the cans and tomatoes thrown by the political geniuses.

For inspired political commentary....

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saintnick said...

Word up. Glad to see you're blogging again. May the next 8 years be a whole lot better than the last 8. Did you hear about that idiot congressman from Georgia who said Obama was Hitler? What a dumbass.

janed said...

hello.. how are you.. its been long time.. hope your ok? i hope obama will have a good administration.. good luck..