Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Quadrant Works Best for Me?

When I blog today, I long to have fun. When I stopped having fun thoughts my writing came to an en. But, I wanted to continue to develop my world here in the blogosphere. I had to stop writing about my health. My battle with bureaucracy has failed to keep me entertained, and I am more impressed with how truly stifling, and belittling the bureaucratic system is when it comes to filling out paperwork, asking agencies for help, waiting for responses, and getting envelopes to fill out more paperwork.

It was a day like any other when I found myself in Barnes and Noble, facing the discount book racks, and seeing a book title: Overcoming Procrastination. People think I am telling a joke when I said to myself, “Oh, I really ought to buy thuis book someday.” Sadly, I do admit my need for the book, and I was serious about wanting it.... I must have been fulfilling destiny when I chose to procrastinate on this one purchase.

Remember: procrastination is a serious problem, but it is not an urgent one.

Refer to Peter Drucker and his Four Quadrants. Drucker was a genius of management, and his ideas on time management have made me a more effewctive person. His ideas on urgency and importance have done much to help me guage where I am in terms of effectiveness. Most commonly cited source for the four quadrant model is Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, also an excellent book.

Basically, if I am spending my time putting out fires, or lost in distraction, I am not managing well. The advice I was given was to build a focus that keeps me in the second quadrant. He idea being that if I stay proactive, I will not have as many occasions to spend “putting out fires” or wastes time on pointless distractions that do not propel me further towards accomplishing goals.

So, I can still write. But, now I have to readdress my time management. I am pleased that with the ideas of Drucker, the ideas of Stephen Covey, I have been able to grasp onto ideas, behaviors that have reduced the anxiety in my life.

Now then, of the things I have reported on, I am thrilled that everything is moving forward. I am receiving my first disability check, have the paperwork in to re access my medical assistance, and am sitting in classes, working on understanding the workings of the United States Government, differentiating between various forms of igneous rocks, and analyzing poetry from multicultural perspectives.

May all this hastily land me into a four year college, and lead me out of my disability payments when I can once again live simply as a cog of Industry.


Kikey Loo said...

i had learn abt it when i was in management class.. but i think i knew abt the concept b4 i learn them.. :p

Annie said...

Excellent news, Keith! I'm so thankful that your disability payments have come through. Thanks for the update.

Annie said...

Hey, I tagged you over on my blog.

Brian Rodriguez said...

This is a great concept and one that I try to practice at my design firm. It can be tough at times, but it's great to use as an overall goal.