Tuesday, November 25, 2008

With an Open Mind...

I was sitting in class earlier when my instructor said something that really changed my perception of the law profession. She said, “Keith, it is the action of a few dishonorable lawyers that give the other five percent of us a bad name.” It is comments like that for me serve as a little caveat against hasty judgment.

Anyway, I am a great lover of TED.com, and am always willing to promote it whereever I can. I think this website has done much to make available the great thinking of hundreds of people. It has ideas for new inventions, innovative solutions for troubles around the world, and incredible presentations from artists all over the world. I discovered TEDtalks over a year ago when I carelessly added their subscription to my iTunes account.

Indeed, I would have stayed away if I knew the effect it would have on me. I have downloaded at first audio talks, and then I discovered the same talks as video clips. I have not been the same since . The TED talks started as a lone conference in Monterey, California. I found a desire. I wanted so much to go tom this conference, and check it out. In my investigation, I learned that the conference is by invitation only.

So, should I creep into Monterey one day, find the conference center, and hope to catch some eyeful of someone's brilliance? I could sit in the hotel with my paparazzi gear, hoping to catch a glimpse of Bono, President Clinton, or Malcolm Gladwell. Maybe Rives will lead us in a poetry slam, as Al Gore fills the hotel lobby with Secret Service, and shares with me his apocalyptic ruminations, a pen raised while waiting for me to hand him a copy of his DVD to sign.

This is not about hero worship. The thrill comes in knowing that being around so many people, there would be a blanket of positive energy come upon Monterey, and the thought that by osmosis, I may be able to draw to me some of that fire. So, today's selection comes to me by way of scientist Dr. Christopher Charms.

He shows us how to make changes in our bodies with real-time scanning of our brain with MRI. The idea is not new here. In many ways, it seems the natural evolution of biofeedback. In my simple-mindedness, I may be losing the nuances of his presentation. But, when I see what he is talking about, I think this is exciting. The concept of us addressing the pathways in our brain for positive change is very exciting! In decades past, many people were helped by biofeedback, and now a new generation of help is being conceived.

Watch Dr. Charms short talk, and think about it. It could be fun.

Thank you for reading.

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