Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming Back Home...

Wacky folk in San Jose descended on me today. Visiting with some friends, I had to tell them I am not so good at taking care of myself. San Jose has been my base of operations for thirty-five years, and many people here have known my idiosyncrasies for the bulk of time since 1992. My mother and other family will claim knowledge going back much further than that. I am always feeling a sense of love and renewal every time I come here.

Of my friends, they sit and patiently listen to me explain all my reasons why I do not take care of myself. I have a new phone list with many phone numbers I have had in times past. I know many of them say they miss me, and am glad I came to our little gathering in a church here in the Blossom Valley. Few people know where the Blossom Valley is any more. Covered mostly in concrete, it is wild to think that the name reflected the nature of this valley, that we had many orchards, and bountiful harvests.

I grew up in a time after the development of Apple computers. Once the compute age was upon us, all the orchards started disappearing. This is the Silicon Valley in a time past its boom. As I come here, I reflect on what a gorgeous place this county still is. I am grateful t see my family and friends in this period before Christmas.

As rude as my friends are, many of them remind me of the wonderful work I do, and have do0ne to get better. Many of them remind me what a wonderful thing it is to call on a regular basis. I am clear that as I get lost in my minor depressions, I do disassociate from many of the folk that care about me most. So, what have I really shared in this blog? Last May I shared that I had abstained from booze since 1999. Gratefully, I can still claim that.

Now, in lieu of my health problems, my bad attitude, my movement to disability, and my effort to learn a new way to make money, I now have people looking through this window, and asking me “What really, are you doing to take care of yourself?” In this holiday period, I am grateful, immensely grateful to see who my true friends are. I am able to see my family. I am able to pray, clear my head, and remember what actions moved me forward, brought me relief, and settled my heart.

Now, once again, I can move back home, and act like a man with some purpose in his life. That is all I want to report for now.

Thank you for reading.


simpleyesa said...

I may not be the first person to greet you but...


Blessings will come... i know God will bless abundantly for He cares for you.

God bless you my friend.

Nyl said...

at least after everything seemed for you to falter, you have come up with very good realizations in life..that is more than enough to be thankful for Keith.

are you the guy in the pic?

Merry Christmas!:)

Panaderos said...

Just stopped by to say hi and wish you a very Merry Christmas and more Blessings in the coming year.

Take care of yourself always, dear friend. :)

Mary said...


I stopped by to wish you abundant blessings, good health, love, laughter, happiness and prosperity throughout 2009.

I will keep you in my prayers.

the donG said...

i noticed that you're a frequent traveler and that you've already visited the philippines. i discovered your blog at lawstude's blog. im gonna love this blog.