Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is seven in the evening, and I know after talking on the phone with a most beautiful woman in Jakarta at nine in the morning, California time, my New Year had already started. It is silly for me to think the new year begins with my area-centric perspectives on time. If that was truly significant, then I should probably start reading my horoscope again. Yikes! What a horrifying thought that is.

It is for me already 2009. I have spoken to people across the world that have assured me this is indeed true. My day is quiet, and with no desire to lose sleep, no desire to get drunk, and no desire to have some dissociative disorder develop from celebrating the same event twice in one day, I think it is fine to go to bed at ten o'clock tonight.

Maybe there will be firecrackers tonight. Maybe there will be people getting drunk. Perhaps many folk will be banging pots, and kissing loved ones, or sipping sparkling wines from plastic fluted cups. Maybe Dick Clark still has a Rocking New Year's Celebration broadcasting fr4om New York. Then others will be watching old movies, eating good food with friends while watching old mo0vies on television. This day is a special day.

This day is my day to understand in my heart why resolutions are important. My chance to see why I want to affirm changes in my life today. So many people talked of the failures of New Year's resolutions, and I wonder why I lost the point. I now know my own renewal, my own time for reflection must always remain personal. Do I have resolutions this year? Of course I do. But amazingly, I have to look at this year as a time to think back on what changes occurred in 2008.

2008 was a time for me to make many changes, and it was conversations today that remind me how much has happened in my life this year. I am working towards a change in the way I work. I am affirming my acceptance I can no longer rely on my body as the vehicle to work. I have had twenty years in service jobs. Now, it is truly time for a change.

Just as quitting smoking was a failure until I got sick enough I could not do it anymore, I now am at a point where I can no longer use my body as a device to make money reliably. So, finally, I am making changes, many changes. It is a part of my makeup that I must acknowledge these positive things, because it is funny how when the work is being done, sometimes it is hard to see where it is getting me.

Change for me is inevitable. I do have a say in how it manifests in my life. So with this I welcome the year 2009. I welcome the changes in my life. I welcome the new challenges. I am grateful for this day to move forward. Still, I am quite content to be asleep when the clock strikes midnight. God bless you all.

Thank you for reading.


Lovely said...

Haapy new year! ;)

Lawstude said...

you are welcome my friend. i always enjoy my stay in your blog.

anyways, just blog hopping here and droppin by to greet you happy new year.

sHwEeT ByAtcH said...

hey.. how r u... hope u had a blast time during the new year celebration...

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