Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do Not Let This Happen to you

Quote of the day:

It cements Bush's legacy. Because he was a failure in every single aspect of government, but he had a good economy. Now, at least now he can go out as a complete failure. – Donald Trump

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

back on line!

I am sitting in Raley's Supermarket, drinking a double macchiato, relaxing in their cafe'. I am thrilled with the acquisition of a new laptop. My last laptop flew from my back and hit the ground, fracturing the computer's LCD screen. I turned the machine on, in a diner, and was thrilled to see it working, only to see the evidence of the damage as the back light of my laptop lit up to reveal the fault lines of the liquid crystals. I ran my thumb across the screen to watch the lines of damage spread across the face of my mortally wounded laptop.

Now, through the generosity of my employer, I am able to continue computing with a newer, more functional laptop, weighing in at 2.5 pounds. I have never had a computer that was more clean, more functional than this one. When I carry this, I keep it wrapped in bubble wrap. You cannot get better high tech protection than that! I am actually going to get a new carrying case, but for now, the utmost caution is in place for this.

I am still in school. My Internet classes have been a challenge since losing my most free access to the Internet. Even with ongoing access to the computer lab at school, and extra full days to be on campus did not make up for the freedom I had, the utility of this device.

I missed out on blogging, and I lost contact with many online friends. I have received challenges to completing my work. Sigh. Schooling is not easy, but now it will be easier. I just gave a talk in my American Government class, where I shared on a California proposition. I sat before a class and spoke so passionately on both sides of the issue, and when I was done no one had any idea what side I would vote .... Success!

As for the mess of papers I showed in this quest to solve my problems, and keep my life moving forward, I am struck by how I am able to use this blog to track times, to show elapsed intervals in these efforts. I blogged on my needing medical treatment. I blogged on my wanting to start school. I blogged on m y desire to teach, and my desire to travel. I know too well my history of frustration. It is easy to see how my anger has stepped in to slow progress. I admitted how my own waffling hampered my acquisition of disability, of entering school on time. Now am well into my first months of classes, and have received acceptance on my disability claim.

Piece by piece , I watch as all the actions set in motion by my own efforts come together to create a picture that is truly beautiful.

So, I am back, and I still have my blog. I hope herein I shall continue to have good news to report.