Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January, 12, 2009: Classes begin again

(This is an aerial view of nearby Mount Shasta... Gorgeous mountain, just one of the marvelous geologic features we can study locally in our earth sciences class)

I am sitting in the opening lecture of my Earth Sciences class. We are being lectured on the primary difference between us as a “web-enhanced” science class, and my previous effort to attempt this very class as a “hybrid” course where all lecture would be handled online. The class environment of times past have disappeared for me.

I promised the world I would remain in a technology environment that is at least five years old (I used to say five years obsolete). Slowly I capitulate, and am starting to accept the more rapid tracks of technology into my life. Yes, I can revise my guidelines.

My science instructor is using the bulk of this time explaining to us how to use the web site. When I started this class last semester (I dropped it), this was a hybrid course, and with my newness in the college scene, was not ready to handle the new concept of the Internet course. In my defense, I will say that my computer broke last semester, and managing became difficult.

This semester I am pleased to see that the new class design will have the lectures in class. If I am a good student, and follow carefully in my reading, I should be able to manage better in this class. I promised to become a better student, but I do realize the whole game is different from when I was a student before. Never before have I had a chance to take notes with a laptop. But also never before have I had to learn how to organize my time without class hours.

This class is now more lecture oriented. But, this semester I have to face the demon of the class that nis entirely Internet run. This semester I have two classes where there is no classroom time. This is a weird thing for me, but b y the time I dropped my Internet classes, I was actually starting to understand the class. It is amazing how I did not see the challenge right away. I never had to take Internet classes before, but, historically I have done better with much outside encouragement. It is a blessing that I get to learn more about how to handle classes online. This time I have a model on how to do them.

If that is not enough, my school finally realized that onlin e clases is a new paradigm for some of us.

Shasta College sent me the following invitation in my email:

Dear Student,

You have been identified as a student that has enrolled in an online
class here at Shasta College for the Spring 2009 semester; because of
this, we wanted to bring to your attention a free workshop that we
are offering called "Introduction to the Shasta College Online
System." Get the skills you need to successfully complete an online
class. This workshop will be a hands-on exercise in logging-on,
communicating and submitting assignments in the new Shasta College
Online System. You will also learn where to go when you need help
with the system or with your class work. Don't get left behind the
curve, come learn with us, hands-on!

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 21st from 12 noon to
1:00pm in Room 2206. We hope to see you there!

Thank you,
Shasta College


Nyl said...

Though I am still fascinated at how technology of this present time brings such subtlety and quickness to learning through internet but still I would adhere on the classroom setting where the teacher and the student are personally in contact with each other. I still see that nothing can ever compare a personal touch from a teacher or an instructor to her/his learners than them(teachers)being substituted by machines or new tech.

I wish you good luck in your continues search for knowledge Keith! I assure you it will all be worth your wait to reach your goals. Godspeed!:)

simpleyesa said...

Interesting... i am so much fascinated on how this 'online class' works. Hopefully, i will get the chance to enroll. I happen to apply to go back to school in www.mum.edu and i received a good feedback.. my application was accepted but i have to submit requirements and some other stuffs plus money for enrollment. So backed out. hehehe. I was caught in the middle of my company contract and that opportunity, you know. Hopefully, i can still avail that scholarship after the contract with my current employer ends. =P

ooooooooo, that was long. Sorry. =P

haze said...

Very interesting ! I love to go back to school again. I wanted to learn other language or get into psychology stuffs. Internet is really the best way co'z we can find almost everything (with sense).