Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the issue of My Coordination (coordination on discount!)

To get my coordination going well, I decided to take advantage of the gym facilities at my college. Twice a week I go to an adaptive physical education class where I follow a predetermined exercise program. I am not an overly prideful man. It is amazing how when I walked into the gym, I looked at the man with a clipboard, and told him I was looking for a gym class. He looked at me, saw my cane, and said, “She can help you right there.”

I walked over to this woman, surrounded by cubbyholes, and several college students working out. She looked at me, and told me to fill out a paper, and handed me a slip to take to the administration building. This statrted my journey. I learned I am now locked in. I have committed myself to this program. Still, I am asking myself what I expect. I do not know what I wanted from this, except perhaps a greater grasp on reality.

Stepping in the gym that first day I met many people in this class. I was bothered by one thing. This class had one model. I was told that I would follow this course of exercise and abide by the dictates of whatever person was picked to follow me around with a clipboard. My file folder tracks every exercise I do for ninety minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program makes me follow over twelve exercises dealing with various muscle groups in the body.

The beginning sets were so light, and hobbling around to the machines was irritating when I felt like they were doing nothing for me. In already had my ideas on what I could do, and no thought to what I cannot do. The lady following me around smiled, and agreed that maybe I can accept more weights on the leg curls. She added one plate on, and I quickly told her to go ahead and put it back to the lower weight. What am I to do? I decided to accept these pathetically light workouts, and came back. With circuit training there seems to be a wisdom in this.

I am rickety. I did not start this off with the muscle mass I had a year ago. I am not the dynamic powerhouse I envision. So, I come back. The exercises become more extreme. I seee how exercising different muscle groups are starting to make my functioning better. So, the issue is one of coordination. I have said my balance walking was a problem.

So, I am now reaping the rewards. My strength already is improving. My walking is getting better. My balance is improving, and already I am walking more without the aid of my cane. I am very excited about this. My life is getting so much better.

About the coordination, though. I went shopping at Shopko days ago. I went in to by things I needed to improve my rider home. With the rain, I decided to buy a hat and gloves. I also was feeling a tiny bit lazy, and did not want to do laundry. I bought a pair of gym shorts. I would be able to attend the class, and would be wearing clean clothes. Splendid!

As I walked out of the store I was pleased everything I bought was on discount or clearance. I then noticed something else: everything I bought was from Adidas. I think it marginally scary to imagine the implications should I start showing up in gym with intentionally coordinated workout gear. I took some deep breaths, and continued to congratulate myself on the well orchestrated purchases.

Thank you for reading.


Annie said...

Very good news!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

You must have been a sight to see. A Model for Adidas! :) - I should do something similar. I mean exercise! LOL!

Nyl said...

i thought the brand paid you for that ad.hehe!

anyway,that's a great step keith. 'health is wealth' as an old adage goes.

by the way, my parents are natives of Bohol.thanks for sharing me about the filipino driver you met.oh!i thought you know about arnel pineda long before i shared his music.:)

saintnick said...

Way to go on the exercise, always a good move. Pretty soon you'll be able to trade your cane in for a shillelagh, and just in time for St. Pat's Day!

Nick in Santa Cruz

haze said...

What a coincidence Keith! I do hiking almost every WE but I started going to the gym. This is to really find an answer to my cross ligament instead of surgery. I just need to gain more muscles and to lose weight a little bit !

Good job and keep on exercising for a healthy body ;) !