Thursday, February 26, 2009

Training on an ellipsis

I am making great strides in my physical fitness. I have to focus on my abdominal exercises. With the standard goals I have developed in my physical development . I never had any wild, or expansive visions for myself in health, but now, I find myself propelled into this world of exercise again. It is humbling, and it is exciting.

Maybe it seems a little strange, but the positive effects I have experienced in just a short ten workouts- approximately an additional fifteen hours of workout in the past six weeks- have resulted in big changes in the way my body functions. Many people have noted that I am walking better. I am walking with more energy, and greater balance.

I am sure if I was paying more attention to my body, I would have seen that the reduction in activity was reducing stress, it was also furthering my difficulties. I am thrilled that I am choosing to use my cane less. I am thrilled that I am getting more work done. I see how this very basic circuit training is not static. I have an instructor that works with me, sees what my difficulties are, and addressses my own specific physical needs.

I have not spoken to many folk with neurological problems, but in my class, I am introduced to many people. I see the accident survivors, the stroke survivors, people with other problems related to neuro-muscular conditions. Now, I understand how much of my improvement is reliant upon me. I have lost some weight, gained some muscle, and am seeing the whole world with new eyes. Still, the goal for me is to retrain my nervous system as best I can. I saw the most annoying machine in our little gym at school.

The machine is called an elliptical cross-trainer. It wants to train my whole body on an ellipsis. I have used these machines before. Back in the mid 1990's these machines seemed pretty new, and were the rage. I used them. I learned how to secure a book to it, and read while cross training myself to better living. This post for me is about my coordination. I have my Adidas athletic pants, my Adidas athletic shorts, and my Adidas hat worn with the bill in back. I am starting my way to coordination.

But now, I have viewed this machine as the key to my training. I will have doctors prodding and probing me. They will shoot electricity to check my nerve function. I will have enormous magnets working to scan every cell in my body. I will be tested for anything and everything that could grant clarity for the true nature of this situation. But, regardless their findings, I am faced with the fact my healing and increased productivity rest on me alone.

I now know better than ever how training the muscle groups in my body work together towards a unified fitness. Now I can see how the principles of neuro plasticity apply to even me. The principles of neuro-plasticity suggest that neurons are flexible. These flexible neurons can be trained to do different things. It is this point upon I rest my success.

I have worked on the treadmill. I have ridden the bicycle, and I have worked on the elliptical cross trainer. The cross trainer challenges me in that I see how moving all four of my limbs at one time requires thought. Thought? To work on a machine that supposedly matches the fluidity of the human body? Yes. And yes, I do manufacture dialogs when no one else engages me.

My instructor says I need to train on this machine. This ellipsis. This machine which keeps my whole body moving in a fluid motion while regularly beeping and pausing, because I do not ride it at the basic minimum speed.By using this machine I can train my body and brain to work together. By watching myself in the mirror, I noted that I could coordinate myself better. I was able to keep the machine moving better without falling off it. I think this is amazing

Thank you for reading.


saintnick said...

Way to go! Nothing is as exciting as the road to recovery.

Nick in Santa Cruz

Nyl said...

am happy for you Keith. just enjoy what you're doing and all else will fall into place.

you deserve a wonderful life out of it all...

take care! and oh!keep smiling!:)

MayaFlaminda said...

HI Keith. Nice to see you're into healthy lifestyle! :D