Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Vigil

What's the good news? I enjoyed the Vigil service last night. My friends picked me up, and took me to St Joseph Church in Redding, and we joined in quiet prayer for a night in celebration of renewal. My friends have been helping me get to service, and I think this is truly about renewal. I love the time spent in church. The night's service was three hours long.

I got to sit in the church lit entirely by candle light. What a night! Easter Vigil shared in prayer with my friends became great as we listened to Bible passages, and watched as several people finishing their time in RCIA, got to experience the sacraments of Confirmation and first Communion.

After this service, I went to my home, and looked at the apartment, and settled in my thought that this is the last time I will sleep here. I am moving off this hill here in Redding. My destination is indeterminate, but I hope to find a long term room or apartment soon. I woke up, packed up the remainder of my stuff, and rode my bike away.

Of course, I reported many months back that I was being kicked out.... That did not happen. Then, after an argument in March, I decided to move out. Days later, before mentioning this to my roommate, he asked me to move. What a wacky month. So, with all set this way, I resolved to find a home with my own phone line, and my own Internet. Hopping from Internet cafe to library gets tiring. It is amazing how with my best planning, I set my departure for Easter Sunday.

As I plan on leaving the country soon, I am grateful to move somewhere that expenses wil be less, and comfort will be more. Well, we see what happens...

Thank you for reading.


Momisodes said...

I am sorry to hear you are moving on, but it sounds like it may certainly be for the best. I'm glad to hear you had a nice Easter.

Wishing you luck in finding a place to call home that offers you comfort, happiness and peace.

Keith said...

Momisodes, this is a good time. I am living in a dorm with seven men, and this is so much better than the arrangement I left. I can stay patient.

Keith's mom said...

TWINOne of your most endearing traits is your positive optimism. And, I am happy to know you had such a wonderful Easter Vigil.
Love you,

bw said...

The Easter celebration does gives a sense of renewal and hope. Good luck on your search for a new home.

Santa Cruz Nick said...

All the best as you traverse the next leg of life's journey.

haze said...

Goodluck Keith in whatever path your decide to take! Belated Happy Easter to you ! Take care !