Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grey Matter

Today's selection is Grey Matter, by Danny Elfman. I am comforted to think my brain will be scanned again, this time on the MRI, Monday morning. I just hope they find what they need to make a diagnosis on me. This is a point of exhaustion. I started asking questions about my declining coordination over a year ago, and have experienced many problems since. I am tired of falling down.

So, today I listen to Grey Matter, and take comfort thinking maybe this investigation may reveal something. I can only guess what the doctor could find, but I suck at guesses. I am asking them to take the test, and determine quickly if I do need to have that spinal tap done.

So, I look to Monday, and I am staying patient. Thank you for reading.


Bengbeng said...

i hope it will not be serious. i had an mri about 7 yrs ago. in the end i found out there was nothing wrong with me that a change in lifestyle wouldn't help. it is good to find out n b relieved. dont worry too much. perhaps it is only a small matter?

LZ said...

Keith, you will be alright.

levian said...

how did it went? hope everything is fine, n we will be waiting for your updates on it. :)

bw said...

good luck on your test Keith. God bless :)