Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It is just a needle...

I called Northern California Catholic Social Services, and was assisted by someone who I met back when I was in San Jose. It is nice to know the people who are helping you. I am looking for an apartment, and I hope that with the people Im am calling are able to get me a place that is best suited for my personal disability. I am getting an application for one place, and I will be calling another organization to see what they offer.

But, in my search to find what is wrong, my neurologist has scheduled me two tests in one day, a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), and a nerve conduction test. I have to get out of bed early for this one. They want me in the hospital at seven-thirty in the morning. My mother assured me I am ridiculous in my anxiety over the spinal tap. Being mocked does give me enough irritation to ease me into the doctor's office tomorrow at Mercy Hospital.

So, the doctor might have information to share about my condition... Stay tuned.


LZ said...

Lumbar puncture can be suffering, but I'm sure you can make it.

Be strong Keith! I'm here to support you!

Btw, I'm heading Utah and California on 29th. Will support you nearer geographically!

nyl said...

Just keep going Keith, God is in control.

take care!:)

haze said...

Personally, I had 2 accouchements but I am still afraid of injections :( ! Just hang on there, take care!