Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sop Kambing dan nasi(Goat soup with Rice))

(reporting from Indraloka Resto and Bayonet Internet Cafe)

Since I have been here in Indonesia, I have gotten used to many things. Ironiocally, I have a friend from nearby Malaysia who is visiting the United States. She told me that she actually misses the humidity. As an American, I am very used to listening to friends telling me that the one thing they cannot handle in tropical climates is the humidity.

I am used to new diets. Despite my previous comments, I am actually enjoying some better health here. I am eating less, and not eating my old fast food diet from California. With the diagnosis of MS, I have become more accepting of these changes in my body. The heat and humidity here are harder on me than in times past. I am grateful, however, I have rooms with air conditioning, and still believe copious perspiration to be cleansing.( but here in Jogja there is a per item charge on laundry, so my sweating does have a dollar amount attached).

I remember in months past, I joked about eating burgers as a way to improve the myelin production in my body. Ironic, or perhaps intuitive that I should discover that myelin is the chief culprit in my challenged nervous system. My family has joined me in this process of discovery, as we hope to minimize the problems I will experience.

Today was a wonderful day here in Jogjakarta. I went shopping in local markets, looking at all kinds of crafts, and cloths. The process of batik is wonderful. These cloths are painstakingly drawn, painted on with colored waxes, followed by more wax detail, and then plunged in a chemical dye bath to finish the coloring. After drying, the fabric is then dipped in boiling water(gasoline is used for silk batik) to remove the waxes.

The market trip was exhausting. Getting in and out of my chair, I feel blessed I am not bound to it. Still, all the market is filled with people, and thin aisles forced m,e on my feet to get some exercise. The whole process of touring the market was exciting, though stressful. So after the market was lunch in a restaurant where we sat on mats on the floor, and ate rice, chicken and jackfruit off plates with our hands. Ricka ate a chicken's head, an d then ordered another one because she was still hungry. Chickens head can only be appreciated b y soeone willing to suck, chew and scrape the bones, to get a full experience. If you are not willing to eat the eyeballs and brain, perhaps this is not the selection for you.

Following evening Mass at a Catholic hospital chapel (delivered in English), we traveled across the str5eet to a sidewalk diner where we sat on mats on the sidewalk and devoured bowls of sop kabing (goat soup) served with sambal (chili based condiment), cut limes, and bowls of rice. The food was exquiusite, and I went to the hotel wholly satisfied with the day.

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LZ said...

Hi Keith! I'm finally back to my hometown after a good 36hours journey..phew! The humidity keeps me away from my lotion, hurray!

Glad to hear that you enjoy the food here! It's never easy to adapt to a humid climate unless you are born in it. (well I'm 'kinda' adapting to it too now hahaha..suddenly I have an oily face!)

I tried batik painting when I was in secondary school. It was so fun! When you have the chance do try to produce your own batik! XD

Take care there Keith!

Mary said...

keith, this is Mary (antaraaaa)

I am so happy to see you living the adventures we used to only talk about years ago :)

Catholic!!! I am amazed, I will have to troll through your back posts to catch up on how that happened, lol.

Great to see you happy---although I am saddened to hear about the recent MS diagnosis. You are a trooper my friend.

I am almost done my degree in Theology and Philosophy: one more year to go! Never know, I may see you over in Asia someday, as I plan to head back there eventually.



Santa Cruz Nick said...

Chicken feet are better.