Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Hole in the Ground, Bandung

From Jakarta I was able to jump on a train to Jogjakarta, and I was there for over a week. I would say that if I was going to come back here to Java, I would probably want to spend the bulk of my time in Jogjakarta. The city is the original capital for the Republic of Indonesia, and I was able to get to so many places so easily without having to taksi (taxi) all over the place. Jogjakarta had friendlypeople, and much quieter energy.

I spent much time recently talking to my family. It is important that I remember stress has aggravated many of my nhealth problems, and I am taking these moments to relax, and enjoy my days here, back in Jakarta. I have visited museums, markets, department stores, and many dining establishments. I am in Jakarta, seeing my girlfriend more often, and sifting through pages of digital photographs.

I had a few days in a city called Bandung. Bandung, one Malaysian woman told me, was a place of great outlet shopping. Shopping outlets is not a big interestof mine. I did enjoy seeing the historical sites of Bandung. I also enjoyed the visits to two geographic sites, gorgeous craters that many people worked together to get me there.

Traveling by wheelchair often, I found nthe willingness of one man, Samuel, to navigate my chair down manywindy, rocky paths, and turning the chair backwards could get me to my destination .
I assured him I am a lot heavier than his grandmother, and he told me that this was all about technique, not strength. I am grateful for the trips to these sites, but should you ever visit Bandung yourself, know that it is a wildly spread out lkandscape.

Travel in Bandung took hours, and my traveling partners fell asleep in the car. I had no book, and I got very bored waitin g to see the next attraction. Still, if you like the smell of sulfur, the craters are the place for you. Check them out. July 8 is my birthday, and I am looking forward to relaxing. Election day is upon us, and Indonesia shuts down on election days. I will turn 39 quietly, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

hey kieth, its adam...
i just finely got the time
to read thru your blog and
see how your trips going...
im glad its going good and
you are enjoying your time.

i look forward to seeing you
on campus in the fall, and
hearing about your trip, plus
seeing some pictures...

tell ricka i said hi

Panaderos said...

You share the same birthday as my younger sister. I hope you had a very happy one. Take care of yourself over there. I had a fun time reading your adventures in my area of the world. :)

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Wow Keith, seems like you are enjoying the best of both worlds in this vacation in spite of being in that wheelchair. Bless Samuel's heart. You're lucky to have him there :) That's right! relax and leave all that stress behind and just have fun! Oh who is the lucky girl in the picture?

Keith said...

~~Adam, I have finally moved from Redding, so I will be on campus but not in Shasta County

~~Panaderos, thank you for stopping by. The trip has been fun. Now I am back on the West Coast starting another leg of the journey

~~Maricris, salamat. I had a great vacation. I pray Ricka views herself as lucky as you said...

Anonymous said...

Hi This si your cousin Phyllis from Portland, Or. This looks like a flood, a lahar. Won-derful to have such nice people to help you around. Hope you are feeling up to all the traveling. You look good and happy. I volunteer for a group that is translating many Indonesian languages into the Scriptures. Wycliffe Bible Translators. Talk to you soon, Love, Phyllis