Friday, August 14, 2009

Day to Relax at the Library

I have years of experiences support groups, and help oriented therapies. I have worked with counselors, and now -almost three decades later- I am pleased to say I do not feel more screwed up than when I began. I like to say that I have spent much time in the past twenty years with people that were more interested in my becoming functional than they were in salvaging my delicate feelings. Yesterday I met with a group at the national MS Society. It was a ninety minute meeting, essentially social, but with much good information

I have a host of friends that have a genuine interest in my health and well-being. So, after three years in Redding, my sister invited me to live in San Jose, California. In three years, I developed enough health problems to not ignore them. I continued writing this blog in December 2007 that I could whine about my then failed inter-continental romance. My chronicle of my developing health concerns did, however, make it possible to use my blog to find personal information- dates and locations of services- I needed to fill out medical forms.

Back when I started getting willing to find help, I was working in a job, and many of my coworkers were interrogating me about the difficulties I was having walking. Two coworkers cornered me at Orchard Nutrition to tell me I needed to see a doctor. I regret now saying that what I have is obviously neuro-muscular, and doctors could spend forever trying to find the problem. I did eventually find my way to the HOPE van, and the doctors there sent me to a neurosurgeon.

I went back to the HOPE van, and this time, with my MediCal, was sent to a neurologist. This man ordered a few tests. He ran me through a MRI, and pulled some fluid out of my back. Shortly thereafter, he diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. Of course, I started asking questions over twenty-two months ago, and started seeing doctors about this problem which included my falling down periodically, and my challenge to stand up when on the floor. I was also getting numbness in two fingers on my left hand.

I suppose this is a lesson in patience. I was blogging two years ago with scarcely a limp. My family started sending me to a chiropractor, and his work did little to make me better. My mother on a later visit told me she thought my walking was getting worse. In the end all they needed was to see my MRI. My doctor told me my spinal fluid indicated there was inflammation in my spine. Later, after my MRI came back, he came to me with the diagnosis. I heard it over the phone on June 10, three days prior to my trip.

The main thing I cultivate is patience. I have friends encouraging me to examine the diet of a woman (an MD...) who claims that based on diet alone was able to cure her own multiple sclerosis. I suppose can lend more credence to that than to the chiropractor whose treatments made me feel better, but did little to improve my functioning. I am just reading about her right now.

I am also checking out the memoir of the great actor David Lander whose story about his experiences with this condition is detailed, compelling, and informative. I have little to say beyond that for now. I added a disorganized picture show on the blog. It will become better as I learn to organize my online pictures better.

Thank you for reading.