Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Accessible Christmas

My family's homes are not wheelchair accessible. As much as I wanted to encourage them to build a ramp, widen their hallways, and rebuild their bathrooms to accommodate me, they have been resistant. I say this in jest, of course. With litigation pending, I would do well to not discuss this further...

But, something happened. I would have to ponder the odds that something like this would happen to me, and I believe many homes are not able to accept a person in a power chair. Thanksgiving lasdt year was around the time I stopped using a walker. This year, my sister called me to tell me she wanted me to come to her house, and celebrate Christmas! To accomplish this, she purchased movable ramps that will make it possible to go to her house again!

I am feeling festive, and in my house there has been a flurry of activity. Two of the caregivers workeed together t0o create wreaths. The house is filled with decoration, and even I am reaching into my heart to find evidence of my own Christmas spirit! I will report more on this soon.

Thank you for reading.

addendum: here arre the ramps!

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