Thursday, December 16, 2010

From all my past employment, one thing, I never remember is joining a company Christmas party. The one company party I remember involved a circle of crapulous coworkers engaged in cutting loose from the self-imposed rigidity of the work environment. I always believed myself to be much the same person in and out of work. But the workplace Christmas party is a great tradition that happens all throughout the country.

I went to some workplace party years ago, and remember how stifling it seemed, and how uncomfortable I was. Everyone was all dressed up. I worked for a hotel at the time, so I believe the party was held at the Wyndham hotel. In deed, I cannot blame parties for my discomfort attending them. Still, going to the party has all the trappings of the movie From Dusk til Dawn. Do I really want to see this other side of these people I already see from nine to five every day?

Being around ten years ago, I remember going to the party, having found something worth wearing (besides my workj uniform), and looked at this chaotic mass of people, hoping to find someone with whom I could chat. I suppose office parties can be a chance to look inside myself, and ask who here do I really like enough to engage in conversation outside the context of work.

I read the last three paragraphs, and wonder how unsocial I really am. May be this writing is merely one chance to use the word crapulous before losing it in my mental lexicon of words I will never need. Still, company parties are strange.

I was encouraged to dance, so I danced. I watched others dance whom I felt should not have. I remember seeing people with glazed eyes that obviously were not sober enough to have a good time. To this end I have enjoyed seeing pictures of the yearly Christmas party. I never have to k now what my fellow employees are like when drunk. Ironically, the pictures tell me exactly what I am missing.

Perhaps you know about these things as I do. Maybe in your office there is someone hiding in the accounting office. Someone points her out, and say, "that is Yuletide Carol. " Watching the movement, the precision, the complete lack of social interaction, and you ask, "why is she called Yuletide Carol?" and you are told to wait until the party, the Christmas Party in December. Then, you will know...

I ought to get myself clothes appropriate for a good party. I do not have to attend workplace parties though to foster my sense of seasonal joy. In fact, maybe it is through not attending these parties that my sense of Christmas joy seems to get stronger.


ChrisAu said...

Merry Xmas Keith! Have a blessed time!

Beng Gee said...

I used to work in an office eons past and the most cherished time for me were the Christmas parties we had yearly. They were all fun and I miss them terribly now. Anyway, we gotta to be where our hearts are happy!

Thanks for passing by my site and leaving some words. I hope to see you again! God bless!

hahpiness said...

Merry Christmas! ;)

thanks for dropping by my page. see you around.

Santa Cruz Nick said...

I remember going to this Christmas party about 12 or 13 years ago. It was at one of the wharf restaurants, and when it was time to go, I got a ride home from my then coworker Anthony. He had just drank four Long Island Ice Teas, drove through a sketchy part of town looking for a girl he liked, offered to sell me steroids or a gun, and once he got me home and I unclenched my fists from the shoulder belt, he offered me a toke using an aluminum can. Some night.