Monday, January 10, 2011

The Opinions Page

Over the past three years of blogging, I found that when I was free with my opinions, I actually found more readership, and more sharing online. Strangely, the more I shared my opinions, the more I wondered how I truly felt about certain things. It seems to be a way to secure my place, for good or ill, in the hearts of others, if I state my feelings with conviction. I even wonder how many times I have looked at a past posting to as myself, why did I write that.

Even today, I have strong feelings about many things, and now I am finding that absent education, many of my feelings are unfounded. With new knowledge, sometimes my opinions change. My concern today remains with the journey. I no longer have to ally myself with different camps to make a conversation.

I once called myself a passionate fence-sitter, and when my aunt pressured me, I knew in my heart really did pick sides on many things from politics to religion, and global warming to personal responsibility. Relatively uneducated on many social issues, I wonder if I dare have opinions, much less share on them. It frightens me that I should join the many in the world who could become articulate enough to persuade you with my words before I take the time to research what I am discussing.

Having listened to plenty of good thinkers talk about critical thinking, and logic, I feel this is one place I may be qualified to share. The thinkers to whom I have listened, seem to support a baseline integrity, that when having a platform upon which to share, would opt to back up their opinions with facts, before bloating their discussions with passion.
In a day where any hothead with an Internet connection can have his or her feelings shared emailed to Fox News seconds after a topic is introduced, I should feel blessed to have the time it takes to collect myself. I wonder if having computers has cheapened the quality or value of written word. It is possible I reflect on my own laziness, of course.

When I was a child, people owned these bizarre devices called typewriters. When someone felt compelled to share something with the media, he or she had to put paper in a typewriter, remember one of several letter formats, address the letter properly, and type it with limited mistakes to be corrected immediately before continuing, fold it, and place it neatly in an envelope addressed to the newspaper to be considered for publication.

Does it follow to some degree, that with that effort, maybe someone would put more care into the presentation of their opinion, maybe even giving their words some more thought?

Thank you for reading.


Hayley said...

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier on!
Have a nice day~

bingkee said...

The problem is a lot of people are so careless with words just to state their opinions--they think the world is all about them and what they need to say.

Keith said...

Oh, Bingkee, that is just your opinion....OOh wait. It's my opinion, too. Thank you for coming here, and sharing