Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dinner at the E&O Trading Company

Last week , my family ass1embled at the E&O Trading Company to celebrate my sister's birthday. Since the 1990's, I am the only member of my family to have lived in downtown San Jose. Still, my family is always aware of all the cool, exciting food establishments in the downtown area. I felt a need to study up if I was to face this new experience without understanding the menu, style of service, so that my liberty will not be lost to my family. God forbid, I should be in a saituation where my mother or sister should take the food selection process from me...

I found the San Jose dinner menu online, and was excited by the mixture of influences brought together to create an exciting culinary experience.

I met with my family, and we sat. I read the menu expertly, as my mother and sister started ordering.The plates arrived one at a time, allowing us to share, and enjoy each selection separately. The Imperial duck rolls with plum sauce, and the`chicken dumplings disappeared so fast no one had tinme to photograph them.

Pictured above is Indian panir cheese flat bread with mango chutney and tomato-chili sambal.

There was crispy shrimp with a sweet chili sambal, and Indonesian corn fritters with a chili spiced ketjap.

We then shared a plate of nasi goreng (fried rice) that was flavorful enough I could have enjoyed it as a meal by itself. Followed by rich, elegant desserts, this was a marvelous meal to have with my family

Pictured here is me as I finish my "flourless chocolate cake with coffee gelato". The dessert pictured above is perhaps too elegant to be called a banana split, shared by my mother and sister.

Anyway, that is my report for today.
Thank you for reading.


prinsesamusang said...

the food looked great! but as always, the dessert looked the best of all! when you have good food it will definitely be a fun night!

nyl said...

great one keith!

i love the food too..:)

Santa Cruz Nick said...


Marie said...

You got great food with great people here in this entry!;)

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

so wrong to visit your blog and read this post at this time of the night. now, i'm hungry. :)

Thinking Out Loud

Allen said...

geez. the food looks great!