Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teh hijau dan Jahe (Green Tea with Ginger) and Where to Buy it

Teh hijau dan Jahe (Green Tea with Ginger)

I am okay with the closure of the last, real grocery in my neighborhood. One of my friends, my dear friend Jo Anne, is one of the finest produce clerks in the valley (I do anticipate her reading this), and has noted I do not visit my old place of employment. Safeway, very often. I will hop on out there if I want to grab some groceries, see old friends.

But in the absence, there is this weird void in my neighborhood, as I wait for a replacement, a counterbalance. Wheeling through my neighborhood, I went past the closed SaveMart, and past the Dynasty Chinese restaurant, a collection of Vietnamese noodle houses, hair-nail shops, French bakeries, and sandwich shops. You can throw a stone in any direction, and hit a store where you can procure a Vietnamese sandwich, a fruit smoothie -with such ingredients as durian, avocado or lychee- or a place where you can buy five gallons of filtered water, asian DVDs , and cheap cigarettes at one time.

Across the parking lot is a huge complex called Vietnam Town, a fitting addition to our neighborhood aside from one small problem. They have not opened. I watched the June 17 closing of SaveMart unceremoniously, and without regret. One block away, were the glorious banners advertising the Grand Opening of Vietnam Town. The storefronts all bear names of stores opening or "coming soon".

The variouss units show signs of life as men pull away the boards and enter the structure with tool belts and ladders. None of this would seem particularly odd if it were not for one detail: the sign outside the building, the festive banner over the entry drive-way to the complex says Grand Opening June 18. I watched the parking loty fill with people. I saw food booths, games, and a general atmosphere of celebration and excitement. But, not a single store opened that day. Today, a month later, nothing has opened.

Still, we lack some products, some services, and I do not view Wal-Mart , on one side of the freeway, and Target on the other, as the answer to those needs. I entered a quiet little shopping mall, also bearing the Dynasty name. I spun around, crossing a whole new group of shops, including some more eateries, some jewelry shops and an herb shop providing a varieties of teas .

I stopped in there, and found boxes of Prince of Peace Green Tea, and Prince of Peace Honey Ginger Crystals. I bought them, remembering these products from my days at Orchard Nutrition in Redding. Having now toured this little mall, I will definitely come back. My only reflection on the products is one from before: what will Jesus say when he returns from Heaven to find "Prince of Peace" is now a registered trademark.

Thank you for reading.

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