Monday, August 22, 2011

Classes Begin Soon!

A lot of times passed since I detailed my end. In the realm of teaching. Despite the absence of our ESL classes, across San Jose, the people that I like to Sacred Heart community center have informed me that there offering English class for immigrant mothers and children. Even though the structureless classes go be a little different than the one that you excited for the opportunity to help in this capacity, again.

The teacher of the class to me in e-mail a request to come in and set up a schedule with her. I will come in tomorrow. It's a strange thing this wanting to volunteer. I know many people who volunteer who do jobs that they don't particularly like are will say here, give me some work. And they want desperately to just be useful someplace. Maybe there's something wrong with me that I waited for this opportunity.

Still, I get to meet a new teacher, and learned new solid teaching. I get the opportunity to teach English again. I'm seriously looking forward to this class opening, which will be in September. So, I will keep everyone posted see how things are progressing.

Thank you for reading.


BlogusVox said...

For me, teaching is one of the noblest profession there ever was. And I have great respect for teachers who inspire students to learn, may they be college professors or teaches in kindergarten.

I guess its because I can't teach.

Keith said...

well, I certainly don't feel noble when I teach, but I do feel useful. Maybe, as I get better at what I do all start to feel more noble. This is like practice for me, and piece by piece, I come to enjoy the work I do.

As a volunteer job. I think the excitement for me is that it forces me out of bed. On days that I don't want to get out of bed. It forces me out of the house on days that I would rather stay home. On those days. I evidently find that getting out of the house is what I want to do all along.

prinsesamusang said...

good luck with your new adventure! i guess the best part about teaching is that you also learn from the students and the whole process as well. i also want to volunteer, something that involves animal welfare. maybe i will seriously chase after this too, just like you.