Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back to the YMCA

I am now a member of the YMCA in downtown San Jose.I went to the YMCA today, and decided that I would continue this journey physical development. One of the things that's exciting about where I'm going is that at this location I am surrounded by staff that is eager to help me succeed. I spent time last week with a personal trainer, and she introduced me to two other personal trainers who all assured me that they would be working with me to create a plan for success.

Even today, I have a nervousness about transferring from my chair to the many machines inside the gym. I told them I want to work on every muscle that I can exercise. There is no muscle group of my body that hasn't gotten week as a result of my being in a wheelchair. So, I have to be up to the challenge.

The challenge for me begins with learning how to exercise with discipline, and to accept recommendations from the staff here were qualified to give recommendations. The challenge for me is to keep coming back, tracking my progress, then accountable to others about the work I do.

Today I came in, put away my things, and went to work. Right now, free weights are the easiest to work with. I've been showing some exercises with cables. Today, I was able to work on biceps, triceps, lats, and patience. I cannot use the cardio machines; many of the exercises I employed in past workouts are no longer accessible to me. I take comfort knowing that every gain will make way for the next one.

This concept of synergy is one that I have to take to heart when looking at things like this. I realize that every exercise has benefits beyond my initial intentions. I have to know that once two or three muscle groups start exercising together, I will enjoy a new health and greater optimism. For now I'll be satisfied with knowing that.

Thank you for reading.

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Keith's mom said...

I re-read our "intervention" blog after seing this made me smile again...and I am so pleased you have engaged with this exercise program. It can be addicting once you commit to it.
Love you