Friday, March 23, 2012

preparing to move

I am on a quest to find Apple boxes. Apple boxes are the perfect, free packing boxes for anyone that needs to make a move. After twenty months  living in a board and care home, I finally decided that my sanity depended upon me living alone.  It's not that I don't like people.  I just don't particularly want to be around them at home.  So, I searched my soul,and decided to get an apartment rental application.

As a spinal cord patient, making this decision was not easy one.  I can remember June, almost 2 years ago, when I moved to the board and care home.  I have to remember that's coming out of spinal cord rehab, my attendants needed to move my body using a Hoyer lift.  A sling was placed underneath my body and attached to a hydraulically powered lift the and drug across the room to drop me into my chair, or into my bed.

The Hoyer lift remains in my closet, and reminds me of the progress that I've made, the progress my body has made.  Whenever I get disgusted over the people with whom I share a house, I have to remember the humble state I was in just two years ago.  Two years ago, before my spinal cord surgery, I did not have the strength, the knowledge, or skills needed to safely move about my home.  I should stay grateful for the patience I learned living with others.  Now, I'm ready to reclaim my peace of mind.

Where I lived before the surgery, I had a number of friends.  One was my friend Jack, a man of known for almost 20 years.  Deciding reapply at this complex again, the thought occurred to me to call Jack, and see how he is doing.  Today was my appointment, and I came my identification, my bank statements, and my general good sense of humor.   I sat with the lady for less than half an hour, filling out and signing various documents.  I went outside to find many residents I knew from my previous time living there.

Because I knew they had ADA apartments on-site, I wanted to know what it would take for me to gets on the waiting list for one.  Apparently, the wait for a standard apartment is about three or four months.  The lady asked me if I wanted an ADA apartment.  Looking down at my legs, my hands, my power wheelchair, I smiled and told her that that would be splendid.  She told me that in that case, there was an ADA apartment available and ready to rent.  Maybe this process of moving is going to move smoother than I realized.

My desire and need for lowered countertops and a role in shower, has shot me to the top of the list.  I checked out the unit ,  I thanked the apartment manager, and went out into the courtyard to say hello to old friends..  I got to share with them that I was moving back in, and that I'd seen the unit that I'll be moving into.  Someone asked me," what unit will be moving into?"  I told them number 415.  He looked over at someone else and asked," wasn't for fifteen good unit number of that guy jack who died a couple months ago?"  And in the next 5 minutes I got to find out that not only is my friend passed away, but that as a result of his passing, I now have a place to live.  I copied down lots of phone numbers in my cell phone.  I happen to know that his is there also.  I guess that's one number I won't get around to using.

Thank you for reading.


iamlz said...

oh god. sorry about the news. but am glad that u are moving to a new place!

Amor said...

Hi Keith! I'm glad that you are getting better and better, deciding to live alone is one proof of that. I'm hoping and praying for your full recovery.

Sad to hear about your friend Jack, but that's life... a very close friend of mine also died recently. :(

Anonymous said...

I think Jack would be/is happy to hear that you will be getting his apartment!
I can't wait to help you move!