Tuesday, December 25, 2012

my new ride

So, today is Christmas, and I am feeling like I fared pretty well  this Christmas Day.  When I think of all the people who get so excited, imbued with the Christmas spirit, it seems kinda funny that I would think of myself in terms of having" fared well" on this day.

So many people have  said to me," are you ready for Christmas?"  They ask me that question is if there was something that I should be ready for.I am usually ready for Christmas to be over.  I stopped worrying about the drama of Christmas a long time ago.  I was given permission by a friend to mellow out.  To the best of my ability, I try to soak up the Christmas spirit vicariously from the people that surround me, while feeling this great gratitude knowing that they're enjoying themselves on this one day.

I made it back home after dinner.  I  feel great satisfaction knowing that I spent time with my family, watched a movie, enjoyed a great meal, exchanging freely with sister and parents.  I'm even put into the odd circumstance of counseling others who feel weird about their holiday season.  I get to listen to other people's anxiety, and I try to remember the anxieties that I felt myself, while feeling so very grateful that I can appreciate the positive feelings that so many people share at this time of the year.

Lately, my focus is been on transportation.  Living in a two hundred pounds power wheelchair, I started realizing how much of my freedom has been lost by not being able to enjoy all the options that I had as a walking man.  Because of Pres. George Bush signing the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1991, I actually have much more freedom.  Every bus in Santa Clara County is required by law to have functional wheelchair lifts.  The same is true of trains and other public transportation.  Still, I cannot get around the way I want to.

My parents did me the service of purchasing for me a manual wheelchair.  I am exercising regularly to develop endurance on it.  That's not the reason I wanted my manual wheelchair.  So many places I want to go, are challenged by the fact that people can't take me there.  I want to be able to climb into a person's car and have them drive me some place.  This is something I used to take for granted.

Now that I have this manual wheelchair, I have to see if I have the ability to successfully transfer my body from my wheelchair to the car.  Then, I have to be able to transfer my body from the car back to the manual wheelchair.  My excitement is that I have a friend who is willing to help me practice this.  He has excitement in this process is developing such that he's planning trips for me.  I get confronted with my own sense of trepidation.

With this new wheelchair, I no longer feel so limited.  I get to see how my friends are willing to help me, and I'm learning more about how I can help myself.  What a marvelous time this is.

Thank you for reading.

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atticus said...

you have a great support group!