Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back at my Workstation

My mother brought me my birthday present early.  She gave a new computer, because Microsoft is forcing me to replace my last computer. I’ve been living with Windows XP for so long, and I really didn’t want to give it up. I felt pains of resentment back when Windows 7 was first released following the arrival of Windows Vista. I think of the Windows platforms as being memory hogs. It frightens me to realize that this new computer that I have uses a two gig processor, but the use of Windows 7 makes it operate just as slow as my previous computer in some ways. If only Windows XP were still supported by Microsoft, I would’ve loved to dropped it onto this machine.

Under such a circumstance, this computer would certainly operate faster, and dazzle me with the power of its processor. I have to admit, though, this application of my Dragon software is working far smoother on this machine that it did on the previous one. I don’t actually have to wait for the computer to print out what I said. Adding it onto this machine, I thought there would be a battle between the Microsoft platform and the processor demands of the Dragon software, but they actually seem to work together nicely.

One of the important aspects of the Dragon software is its ability to keep up with me as I talk. I do have in the billeting to get distracted from time to time, and this software is only useful in its ability for the print to come across as quickly as my thoughts. It is actually very exciting to see this software work as well as it does. Also, with this processing strength, I find the computer is able to understand what I’m saying better. That makes this acquisition a win-win.

It’s a shame that I am addicted to this software, because I really wanted to discover my friends world of Linux. Linux so far does not offer any type of dictation software. That is not to say that dictation software and voice recognition software are unavailable. I mean rather that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is still the most highly functional software for my purposes.

I believe this new acquisition will suit me just fine.

Thank you for reading.